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What to pack for a camping holiday in Cornwall

As you plan your camping adventure in Cornwall, packing suitable attire and accessories is fundamental to guarantee your comfort and safety. Cornwall's weather tends to be erratic, so it's prudent to be prepared for possible rain, wind, or dips in temperature. It would be wise to include a rain-proof jacket, thermal clothing, walking boots, as well as a hat and gloves in your packing list. These pieces will safeguard you from unfavorable weather conditions and ensure your comfort as you immerse yourself in Cornwall's scenic nature.

Waterproof Jacket

A rain-proof jacket is a non-negotiable item for a camping trip in Cornwall. Recognized for its fluctuant weather, Cornwall can surprise you with showers at any moment. A water-resistant jacket secures you against becoming drenched during your outdoor endeavors. Aim for a jacket manufactured from sturdy, water-repellant material and one that comes with a hood to protect your head from the rain. Also, consider choosing a jacket featuring breathable fabric to avoid overheating when worn.

Warm Layers

In regard to camping in Cornwall, it is crucial to carry a range of warm clothing to shield you from chillier temperatures, particularly during the nights and early mornings. Include items like thermal undergarments, fleece coats or jumpers, and thermal socks in your luggage to maintain your warmth and comfort. Dressing in layers enables easy clothing adjustment in response to variations in temperature. Remember to pack a suitable variety of light and heavy layers to cater to fluctuating weather conditions. Don't let yourself forget to throw in some extra pairs of warm socks and always ensure you have sufficient attire to keep you cozy throughout your camping adventure.

Hiking Boots

For any camping holiday in Cornwall, where you're bound to encounter differing land and trail types, hiking boots are a necessity. Strong, comfortable walking boots supply ankle support, grip, and protection from stones, mud, and uneven paths. Opt for boots that have water-resistant or waterproof features to ensure dry feet during hiking and strolling activities. Prior to your trip, make sure to wear-in your boots for comfort and to prevent blisters during your outdoor explorations in Cornwall.

Hat and Gloves

Packing a hat and gloves for your camping trip in Cornwall should not be overlooked. These additional pieces are crucial for shielding your head, ears, and hands from biting wind and potentially freezing temperatures, especially during night time and the colder seasons. A thermal hat aids in preserving body heat and reduces heat loss from your head, while mittens keep your hands toasty and sheltered from frosty weather conditions. Choose accessories that are made from insulating, moisture-wicking materials for maximum comfort and protection.

Camping Gear

When embarking on a camping trip to Cornwall, having the appropriate camping gear is crucial for a gratifying and stress-free experience. This gear encompasses everything you need for comfort and convenience in the great outdoors, such as tents, sleeping bags, portable stoves, cooking tools, and camping chairs. The right equipment will not only enhance your outdoor living conditions but also lets you soak in the stunning natural beauty that Cornwall offers.


Packing a reliable tent is a high priority for any camping adventure in Cornwall. Your tent needs to be robust enough to endure fluctuating weather patterns while offering you ample room to accommodate everyone comfortably. The size of the tent should correspond to the number of campers, while features like a water-resistant rainfly and a strong frame are essential for protection against rain and wind. Other factors like portability, weight, and the simplicity of assembling and disassembling should also be factored in your decision.

Sleeping Bag

Securing a restful night's sleep under the stars requires a comfortable and cozy sleeping bag. When choosing your bag, consider the temperature and climatic conditions you'll likely encounter in Cornwall. The bag should provide sufficient insulation and have a temperature rating compatible with Cornwall's expected nighttime temperatures. Also, consider the size and shape of the bag for comfort and ease of packing. Additional features like a hood and draft collar can offer that extra level of warmth and protection against chilliness.

Camping Stove

A dependable camping stove is an essential item in your gear for preparing meals while camping in Cornwall. Opt for a portable, lightweight stove that is simple to operate and setup. Consider also the type of fuel it requires and if it's readily available and suits your needs. A multi-burner stove can allow you to prepare various dishes at one go. Aspects such as a windscreen and flame adjustment options can significantly improve safety and functionality. Always remember to have ample fuel supply to last your entire trip.

Cooking Utensils

Key cooking utensils should also be packed for your Cornwall camping trip. This includes fundamental items like a cooking pot or pan, spatula, tongs, knife, plates, and cutlery. Go for utensils made from durable, lightweight materials like aluminium or stainless steel that are also easy to clean. Consider also packing a collapsible sink or basin for dishwashing duties. Handy tools like a can opener and bottle opener also make for worthy inclusions in your kit. The right utensils will help you whip up satisfying meals during your camping trip.

Camping Chairs

Inviting camping chairs are indispensable for unwinding and taking in the breathtaking scenery of Cornwall. Seek out camping chairs that are lightweight and can be easily folded, transported, and assembled. The chairs should have durable frames and fabrics that can withstand outdoor settings. Add-ons like armrests, cup holders, and headrests can significantly enhance your comfort. Some chairs even feature integrated coolers to keep your beverages chilled. With these chairs, you can make the most of your relaxing time spent around the campfire or absorbing the remarkable views.

Food and Drinks

Charting a course for a camping retreat in Cornwall mandates carrying enough provisions and beverages to nourish you throughout your quest. This detailed list aims to aid you in curating a well-stocked camping larder. Featuring long-lasting foods, bite-sized treats, sealed water, along with your favourite brews of coffee and tea, we'll guide you through essentials to fulfill your dietary requirements while basking in the charm of untamed nature.

Non-Perishable Foods

Packaged foods that resist spoilage are a significant part of your camping food cache. These nutrient-dense items come with prolonged shelf lives, making them apt for longer escapades. Pack essentials like canned foodstuff (think beans, or soups), sundried fruits, an assortment of nuts, chewy granola- and nutritious energy bars. They offer sustained nourishment without concern over food deterioration. Prior to packing, do remember to verify expiry dates and remember, choose things that you and your camping comrades relish.


Treading, discovering, and absorbing the breathtaking vistas of Cornwall are physically strenuous hence packing a variety of nibbles is vital. Choose portable munchies that you can quickly stuff in the bag and snack as you journey. Robust picks include hiking mixes, cured meat snacks, fruity nibbles, dehydrated fruits, and crunchy biscuits. These pocket-sized refuels provide immediate energy infusions and curb cravings during your wilderness exploits. Don’t forget to carry enough to keep hunger at bay for the entire expedition.

Bottled Water

Hydration reigns supreme during any camping jaunt, and a journey in Cornwall abides by this rule. Arrange for a generous quota of bottled water per camper, targeting a minimum of two litres per individual daily to counterbalance the surge in physical exertion and time spent outdoors. Locating safe drinking sources could be challenging, and hence a substantial backup reserve is necessary. When stowing the water bottles, ensure they are snugly fit in your camping kit to circumvent leakage and spillage.

Coffee and Tea

For a lot of campers, embracing the morning with a steaming cup of coffee or tea is a reviving tradition. Don't miss packing in your preferred coffee and tea provisions to uphold this custom while camping in Cornwall. Instant coffee and quick-brew tea bags are convenient choices requiring minimal fuss. If you fancy fresh brews, then consider packing a handy coffee maker or a French press. Do remember to equip yourself with a robust, heat tolerant cup or an insulated flask to cherish your steaming pick-me-ups in the glorious backdrop of the campsite.


Aside from the fundamental essentials, it's also worth packing a few additional items for your camping trip to Cornwall. An invaluable addition is a flashlight or headlamp, which proves useful for activities after sunset or finding your way to facilities during the night. With its many functions, a multi-tool like a Swiss Army knife can assist with open cans or minor gear repairs. Extra consideration should be given to carrying a handheld phone charger, bonus batteries, a clothesline for airing damp attire, and a compact foldable table for an added touch of comfort at your camping spot.

First Aid Kit

Any camper headed for Cornwall must ensure their first aid kit is fully equipped. Your kit should contain various sizes of band-aids, adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, and scissors. It’s also crucial to pack sterile gauze pads, adhesive bandages, and a wrap bandage for managing more significant injuries or strains. Make sure to include painkillers, allergy antihistamines, and all necessary prescribed medicines. A thermometer and some insect bite ointment are helpful too. Always check the expiration dates of the medical supplies and replace any outdated items.

Insect Repellent

Camping in Cornwall necessitates safeguarding oneself against insects and the potential hazards of their bites. To keep mosquitoes and ticks away, ensure to pack ample insect repellent. Opt for a repellent containing DEET or picaridin, known for their effectiveness against a broad spectrum of insects. Always adhere to the product instructions when applying the repellent to uncovered skin and clothing. Since mosquitoes are most active during dawn and dusk, these times are critical for repellent use. Refresh the repellent according to the given instructions, and consider carrying additional amounts for prolonged camping periods.


Cornwall, despite its mild climate, can have particularly strong sunlight, especially during the summer. Therefore, packing sunscreen on your camping vacation to protect against harmful UV radiation is a must. Choose a high-SPF (a minimum of 30) broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Generously apply the sunscreen to all unprotected skin areas, and reapply every two hours or following swimming or excessive perspiration. Lip balm with SPF is also advisable, to safeguard your lips. Remember that even on overcast days, UV rays can still pass through the clouds.

Maps and Guidebooks

The wonders and attractions of Cornwall are best explored with the assistance of detailed maps or guidebooks. Whether you're a traditional paper map user or prefer digital maps on your smartphone, reliable navigation information will significantly enhance your camping adventure. Search for maps detailing walking paths, camping areas, and points of interest. Certain localities may require permits or passes, so research this in advance. Arming yourself with thorough maps and guidebooks will prove invaluable in making the most of your camping experience in Cornwall.

Entertainment (Books, Games, etc.)

While the joy of a Cornwall camping holiday is primarily connecting with nature, having alternative sources of relaxation is important, too. Pack a range of books, magazines, or e-books for tranquil moments. Fun card games or travel-sized board games can create hours of enjoyment with travel companions. If you prefer outdoor pastimes, a frisbee, a football, or a mobile badminton set could keep everybody entertained and active. Also, make sure to have your top music playlists and podcasts ready for those undisturbed nights beside the campfire.

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