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Bell Tent Camping in Cornwall

We introduced bell-tents to Trefewha Farm for the first time in 2023 and they proved to be incredibly popular. We are expanding our bell-tent accommodation area in 2024, with more of Mushroom Meadow being utilised for them. We are also constructing permanent bases for them, which means they will be dryer and more comfortable. Click here for availability.

Despite the overwhelming popularity of modern tents, there is still a niche market for anyone looking to experience something completely different. Bell tent camping is a unique and desired style of camping that goes against traditional practices and seeks something more natural and simplistic. Bell tents typically hold a dome shape, which not only offers more headroom than a traditional ridge tent but actually deflects the sun's rays and helps keep the tent cool in the hot summer. The tent is supported by a single central pole and is anchored down by pegs and guy ropes, all of which are intended to hold the tent rigid in the ground.

Bell tents are extremely sturdy and are designed to stand up to most severe weather and wind, and with no metal or fiberglass tent poles, there is less chance of damage to the tent or injury to campers. The tents also have zipped-in ground sheets and removable walls, which can be fully folded up, making the perfect summer tent with the option of added warmth and comfort. With the tents having plenty of usable floor space and headroom, they can comfortably house a family or a group of friends. Book yours now!

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