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Mushroom Meadow is our principal camping meadow, providing the perfect location for a peaceful stay.

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With hand-crafted hot showers & composting toilets, communal fire pits & seating; you’ll holiday in comfort and enjoy life as it should be – simple and serene.

Walk around the adjoining woodland and follow the babbling brook that forms our southerly border.

An unforgettable experience, surrounded by nature away from the hustle and bustle of modern life!

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Here’s what some of our recent guests had to say:

“A really beautiful spot. Peaceful, with clean facilities and an ideal base for exploring both sides of Cornwall. The woodland and meadow felt magical, would highly recommend”

“Peaceful and secluded setting. Lots of birdsong butterflies  and wildflowers. Nice walk into the village where there's a friendly and lively pub. Magical woods with lots of paths, lovely gnarled trees and a stream. Easy to drive to many sites of interest nearby such as St. Ives with its art galleries, Sennen Cove with lots of good waves for surfing  and various ancient sites such as the Merry Maidens or the water source at Madron”

“We had such a lovely stay at Mushroom Meadow. So secluded, well maintained campsite and also so ideally located. Close to St Ives and many other great locations.”

From tents and comfortable sleeping kit, outdoor cooking hardware, functional lighting, navigational aids to the right clothing, much depends on being well-prepared with fundamental camping gear, ensuring you can make the most of every aspect of your Cornish adventure. Picking the right tent and bedding gear can make or break your Cornwall camping trip. The chosen tent must withstand the elements and offer ample room for both snoozing and safeguarding your possessions. Make sure to match the tent size to your company size. Sleeping comfortably under the open sky requires snug sleeping bags or mattress pads, supplemented with cushions and covers. Well-planned cooking equipment and utensils are paramount when camping in Cornwall. A compact camping stove or BBQ offers the facility to prepare food and boil water. Necessary utensils like saucepans, skillets, dishes, and silverware should form part of your gear. A cooler to store perishable provisions and drinks is another must. Reliable lighting and terrain navigation tools are indispensable for a successful Cornwall camping adventure. Include in your checklist headlights and torchlights to dispel darkness at night. In addition to these, carry a chart, navigational compass, and a GPS gadget to help navigate through Cornwall's verdant landscapes with ease. They'll help ensure your journeys exploring Cornwall's rich sceneries are safe and enjoyable. It is paramount to pack suitable apparel and personal essentials when planning a Cornish camping trip. Pack an array of clothes suitable for diverse weathers, including rainwear, warm layers, and cosy footwear. Don't neglect to carry personal necessities such as toiletries, sunscreen, bug spray, and any necessary medications. Keep a first aid kit within reach for treating minor wounds. Ensuring you have the right clothes and personal items can make your outdoor expedition more convenient and enjoyable. When getting ready for a camping experience in Cornwall, careful planning for outdoor adventures and precautionary health and safety measures are vital. See all that Cornwall can offer, from breathtaking coastlines, scenic trails, and charming landscapes. For a secure and enjoyable outing, don't forget to bring your essential outdoor gear such as walking shoes, backpacks, hydration flasks, and sun-block. Furthermore, adherence to camping safety guidelines, like setting camp in specified places, maintaining distance from creatures of the wild, and observing fire safety, is critical. Notably, Cornwall boasts an array of stunning natural places to visit and potential outdoor activities include trekking, biking, surfing, and wildlife watching. Packing for a camping excursion in Cornwall requires careful consideration of the needed outdoor recreational equipment. Depending on what activities you're planning, essentials such as trekking shoes, a robust backpack, binoculars, and a camera are indispensable. For aquatic fun, you might need items like a diving suit, surfboard or snorkeling kit. Moreover, bearing in mind weather conditions and incorporating the right attire, including waterproof wear, warm layers, and sun protection, is crucial. Equipment such as maps, compasses, and torches is particularly important in offbeat areas. Safety tips to bear in mind include arranging camp away from potential dangers like steep cliffs or unstable ground, and using assigned fire pits for warmth and cooking. Ensuring food is stored securely to avoid attracting wildlife, and being conscious of possible encounters with wildlife is also crucial. Campers should also prepare for emergencies by having a first-aid kit and knowledge of fundamental procedures at hand.

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