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How to Save Money When Camping in Cornwall


We know that budgets are going to be tight for many families, this Summer. Trefewha Farm is an excellent option for those seeking a peaceful getaway that won't break the bank. Let's look at how you can save money and still have a holiday to remember!

Booking Off-Peak

While the offer of year-round sunshine outside term time can be a draw for both work-desperate parents and the retired, the advantage is that you can also really enjoy your experience. For starters, motorhome hire in peak season can be more than twice as costly as hiring in off-peak periods. Hiring a motorhome in the off-peak season can possibly save you a huge selection of pounds. Essentially by maintaining a strategic distance from the individuals rush you will probably dispose of pressure and take as a lot of time as is needed when on the motorhome occasion. Every so often, you can even locate a completely free off top motorhome camping deal. Albeit many are classed as off peak, most British outdoor locations close over winter and so the off peak season and costs relates for the time from either late spring or the beginning of summer to recently autumn because of the best weather.

Cost-Effective Meal Planning

When it comes to camping in Cornwall, saving money doesn't just stop at finding a great base to explore and enjoy the area, it's all about planning and preparation ahead of your trip. This is never truer than when it comes to meal times. Here are some simple and cost-effective meal planning tips to help you save money when camping. Also, when camping in the beautiful area of Cornwall, it's all about making the most of your surroundings and what better time to do that than when we are near the ocean. There are so many locally produced goods around and one of the easiest ways to save money when it comes to shopping for meals is to buy fresh, local, and in-season produce. Seafood is a really popular dish in Cornwall so why not try a fish recipe or two, save some money and shop locally! Another fantastic way to save money when camping is to forward plan your meals and make good use of your kitchen facilities. Prep in advance of your holiday and batch make meals that can be frozen and easily reheated and don't forget to recycle any ingredients, for example, if you use peppers with a meal one night, plan a meal for the next night that incorporates the rest of the bag, this saves on waste and cuts shopping costs down. However, if you are planning to eat in or around your camping location then why not prepare a meal that will last for a few nights, reducing the need to eat out and saving money. Also, it might seem nice to have a large choice when it comes to meals, however the more choice you have, the more chance you will have of letting food go to waste or overbuying ingredients. Keep it simple and plan fewer meals but buy everything you will need for them, this will help reduce any unnecessary spending.

Cooking Over a Campfire

If you want a real campfire experience, make sure to check out the designated areas where you can make a campfire before you start planning any meals. This might mean you have to be a little stricter with your meal timings, as it can take a while to get a decent fire going, but trust me, it’s definitely worth it! When it comes to cooking equipment you don’t have to feel restricted to packing light (as you might have to when using a gas stove). You can take most kitchen equipment to use over a fire, but it’s worth investing in a good, compact grill if you’re planning on cooking food that takes longer than skewers. If you’re planning on using a grill, something like the 'Vaggis' – a portable, stainless steel grill – will give you a better and quicker cooking experience. You can also purchase additional support racks to help you use smaller pans and pots over the fire too. Also don’t forget to bring along your good old fashioned kettle to heat water for hot drinks - many campsites have a communal kettle area, but it’s a lot easier and quicker to use your own on a morning. Make sure to check the condition of the fire grill where you are going to be cooking before you start to make a fire, to ensure that it's in good and safe condition, and also to see what equipment you might need to take along with you.

Local Produce Shopping

The Cornish landscape is incredibly rich and diverse, supporting a vast range of different crops. From potatoes to strawberries, it is easy to find locally-grown produce that can help you to save a significant amount of money on your camping trip. Not only is local food fresher and more flavoursome, but it also helps to support the regional economy. Look out for farmer’s markets and fresh produce stores to pick up bargains and experience the true taste of Cornwall. Also, don’t forget that many towns and villages have honesty box stalls, where locals sell their excess fruit and vegetables. These are often very reasonably priced and the money goes straight into the farmer’s pocket, making it an ethical and incredibly cost-effective way to shop. Another lesser-known option is to look for farms which offer 'pick your own' services. Visiting one of these farms is a fun day out and often means that you can collect an amazing quantity of produce for a very small price - perfect for prepping meals and snacks for your camping trip!

Budget-Friendly Snack Ideas

Trail mix is a timeless snack that can be modified to your liking and can be made in advance to save time and expenses. Typically made with a combination of nuts, chocolate, and dried fruit, it is easy to make in large batches and can be adapted for different tastes. Use cheaper nuts like peanuts or almonds with a small amount of more expensive nuts like pistachios to cut down on expenses, and pack into resealable bags for an easy snack on the go. Homemade oat bars can be a great way to use up leftovers and tailor the recipe for foods you already like to eat. Oats, butter, sugar and a variety of fruits and nuts can be used to make a base recipe, but more cheaper ingredients can be added, reducing overall expense. After pressing the mixture into a baking tray and cooking for around 20 minutes, the end result is a portable, cost effective snack that can be packed away for days out. Quick and easy, healthier snack ideas a lot of the time the more healthy the food, the more money can be saved. For example, a small bag of mixed nuts often works out at less than £1.00 and can be divided into re-sealable bags for breaks mid journey or can be added to make the consumers own custom trail mix. This eliminates the cost of packaging whilst buying a healthy alternative to other pre-packaged snacks.

Affordable Activities and Entertainment

Cornwall, occupied by stunningly beautiful nature, charming towns, and a friendly atmosphere, is the perfect place to take a trip. This place is very popular all over the world and also has vision on creating a greener future with more renewable energy Cornwall projects. Activities and entertainment in Cornwall are vast and varied, there is something for everyone to enjoy and some of them are very affordable. Most importantly, a lot of activities in Cornwall are nature-related and perfect for those who are interested in wildlife and being surrounded by nature. First of all, there are many public footpaths along the coastline and in rural areas. Walking is possibly the cheapest and most rewarding activity that everyone over all the ages can enjoy. Especially when you're a walker, you will never be at a loss in Cornwall, thanks to a range of unique and spectacular Cornwall walks. As Padstow is becoming one of the Cornwall's bicycle towns, cycling has become a popular activity. Little ones can enjoy days out cycling and at many parks and attractions there is a cycle hire for children available. As an alternative, parents could set the Cornwall bike challenge as a goal which is a 180 miles waymarked cycling route on mainly quiet country roads. For those who loves the sea, kayaking is a must-try activity. Kayaking in Cornwall offers some of the most spectacular sea views that can only be seen from the water. From either Looe or Polruan just around the corner from Polperro, there are kayak rental places and guided kayaking tours. The environment is under threat nowadays especially the Oceans and the planet. By Kayaking, people can enjoy the nature in a greener way and also is a great way to raise awareness for sea and beach cleans. Last but not least, there being more unique places to fish in Cornwall -including secluded lakes, sea fishing excursions, and fly fishing- than you can shake a stick at, Cornwall enjoys the status of being one of the best fishing locations. All the pursuits can be found within close proximity to each other so it's possible to escape to a world of peace and tranquillity each day. Fishing requires a valid Environment Agency Rod License which can be obtained online.

Discounted Adventures

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Cornwall are available at a discounted price. When visiting Cornwall, you could invest in a "Cornwall Tourist Pass". With the "Cornwall Tourist Pass", you pay a one-time fee and then gain free entry to many of the tourist's attractions in Cornwall. According to a company known as 'The Official Tourist Board', people who own the "Cornwall Tourist Pass" could "Make the Most of Cornwall" because the company assists pass owners with planning their holiday by identifying nearby attractions that accept the tourist pass. On their online advertisements, 'The Official Tourist Board' articulates that their ultimate goal was 'to make it easy for you to experience the best of Cornwall during your stay'. With the "Cornwall Tourist Pass", you could save money on the entrance fees for attractions such as Tintagel Castle, The Lost Gardens of Heligan and Pendennis Castle. After purchasing a "Cornwall Tourist Pass", pass owners could even save additional money while in Cornwall by acquiring various discount vouchers. For example, while travelling on City Sightseeing open top buses in Cornwall, owners of the "Cornwall Tourist Pass" could benefit from a 10% discount on full priced adult tickets for other passengers and a purchase-in-free option for accompanying children. Every little saving helps! It should be noted that the "Cornwall Tourist Pass" is better suited for tourists who intend to visit multiple attractions within their holiday period. For tourists who are only interested in visiting one or two attractions, it is more cost-effective to search for information on discounts which are specifically linked to individual sites. Additionally, it would be financially efficient for students, families and senior citizens to look at the different discounts that are available for these specific groups. Retiree and grandparents taking their school-age grandchildren to the Kidzworld family adventure park, for example, could save money on the entrance fee by taking advantage of special discount offers that accommodate children and seniors.

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