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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Privacy Policy of This document is a testament to our dedication to safeguarding your privacy. It outlines the means and methods by which we gather, utilize, and disclose your personal data when you access our platform. Your decision to use our website signifies your acceptance of our Privacy Policy and our procedures mentioned in this document. We suggest reviewing this policy thoroughly to comprehend our practices and subsequently make enlightened choices about the handling of your personal information.

1. Purpose of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy serves to enlighten you about the different varieties of personal data we may accumulate from you, the ways we put it to use and share it. The main ambition of this policy is to foster transparency, promote trust, and elucidate our stance on privacy issues. We aspire to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our personal data handling methods, thereby enabling you to make well-informed decisions about your privacy while using our platform.

1.1 Scope of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy pertains to all individuals who visit or utilize It governs our methods of collection, usage, and disclosure of personal data acquired via our platform. The policy covers personal as well as non-personal data gathered through a variety of means, such as our website forms, cookies, and other tracking technologies. It incorporates our commitment to safeguarding your privacy, and ensuring our operations align with applicable privacy legislation and guidelines.

2. Information Collection

At, we are dedicated to bettering your experience and enhancing our services by collecting a variety of information from our site users. This variety encompasses both personal and non-personal data, as well as information obtained via cookies and similar technologies. We uphold a strong commitment to your privacy, employing comprehensive measures to secure your information in compliance with the appropriate laws and policies.

2.1 Personal Information

Upon accessing, there may be specific personal details that you willingly disclose to us. These may encompass your name, contact details like an email address and phone number, as well as billing details. We gather this information to facilitate reservation processes, converse about bookings, and handle transactions. Let us assure you that your personal data receives the utmost attention and is utilized solely for the purposes highlighted in our Privacy Policy.


2.2 Non-Personal Information

In addition to personal information, our interactions also lead to the procurement of non-personal details on These data might include device-related information, browser types, IP addresses, amongst other technical specifics. Gathering such non-personal data enhances our ability to analyze trends, understand user activity on our site, and upgrade our services to align with user's needs and preferences.


2.3 Cookies and Tracking Technologies

As part of our commitment to optimizing your browsing experience and delivering tailored services, we employ cookies and other tracking technologies on These innovations permit us to save specific data on your device and collate information on your usage trends. Cookies assist us in recalling your preferences, customizing web content to harmonize with your interests, and evaluating web traffic. Your patronage of our website equates to the consent to our use of cookies, all in accordance to our Privacy Policy.


3. Use of Collected Information

Once information is gathered from the patrons of, it is leveraged for several intents and purposes. The chief objective is harnessing this information to bolster and enhance our services to users. We achieve this by customizing the platform further to offer a finely-tuned user experience, adapting our services to echo specific preferences, and ensuring users have the necessary resources and functionalities during their site visit. Moreover, the captured data serves as a cornerstone for conducting analytical studies to pinpoint potential service improvements and refinements, hence, better aligning with the needs and anticipations of visitors.


3.1 Providing and Improving Services

The mainstay of our mission is to deliver top-notch services to visitors of We harness the gathered data to augment and individualize user experience. By deciphering user expectations and necessities, our services can be fine-tuned to fulfill specific demands. This includes, but is not limited to, making relevant suggestions, curating targeted advice, and ensuring a smooth reservation process. The assembled data further empowers us to continually refine our services. Gleaning insights from user feedback and behavioral patterns allows us to detect areas for enhancement and initiate the necessary modifications, ensuring maximum efficiency and user-friendly interactions on our


3.2 Communication and Marketing

For, effective communication and marketing constitute indispensable pillars. Information obtained from users can be harnessed for communication, offering pertinent updates, notifications, or reactive communication to inquiries. This interaction can be routed through various media, such as electronic mail or telephonic conversation. Additionally, the collected data may be employed for marketing gambits. This comprises sending promotional material, exclusive deals, or newsletters to users, contingent on their consent to such communications. We aim to keep our users abreast of our services and updates that may enrich their camping site interactions.


3.3 Legal Obligations

As operators of a, we are subject to certain legal responsibilities that necessitate the deployment of gathered data. We may have to retain and disclose user information in concordance with prevailing laws, regulations, or legal obligations. This includes catering to requests from law enforcement bodies, judiciary structures, or government authorities. Moreover, the compiled data might be used to enforce our service agreement terms and safeguard the rights, safety, and security of, its users, and the general community. We accord the highest priority to complying with our legal responsibilities.


4. Information Sharing and Disclosure

We acknowledge the crucial role of safeguarding the privacy and personal data of's visitors. We make it a point to clarify that we don't sell, lease, or exchange your personal data to marketing-oriented third parties. Nonetheless, there are certain circumstances necessitating the sharing of your data to deliver the services you require. We detail here in this part of our privacy policy when and how your information might be shared and the manner in which we ensure its safety.


4.1 Third-Party Service Providers

To guarantee a flawless camping experience, we may involve third-party service providers to support us in various facets of our operations. These service providers might have access to your personal data in order to execute their allocated duties on our behalf. We meticulously choose our service providers and require them to adhere to stringent privacy and security measures. The contracts we have with these providers prohibit them from utilizing your personal data for any other purposes apart from what is essential to honor their responsibilities to us and


4.2 Legal Requirements

Your personal data may be revealed if deemed necessary by law or if in our honest belief, such revelations are necessary to: (a) abide by legal obligations or answer to lawful requests from public authorities; (b) safeguard and defend our rights or property, which includes enforcing our terms and conditions; or (c) act promptly in circumstances to protect the personal safety of our users or the general public. Disclosure would only occur when it is deemed necessary and suitable, and we will proceed to take reasonable measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of the disclosed data.


4.3 Business Transfers

As grows and develops, changes to our organizational structure or business transactions, like mergers, acquisitions, or asset sales, may occur. In such situations, your personal data may be revealed or transferred as part of the negotiation and finalization of such transactions. We will alert you and seek your consent, where needed by applicable law, before transferring your personal data to any third party involved in such transactions. We will undertake all reasonable measures to ensure that your personal data remains secure and is subjected to suitable safeguards during such transfers.

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