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Venue Hire

Our 50-acre wild and bio-diverse farm provides many options for retreats, corporate events, weddings, festivals, fayres, photo shoots, foraging, nature connection and more!


Look no further if you like the sound of flourishing wild-flower meadows, rolling hills, ancient woodland together with a running stream, stunning sunsets and even a large pond where you can try to spot the kingfisher.


Our principal events location is a 2-acre flat, lush, and naturally enclosed space where bell tents and hobbit houses integrate perfectly!  Wonderfully secluded and nestled amongst nature – Mushroom Meadow has played host to a number of festival-style parties, pop-up campsites, fitness & yoga retreats and ‘Nature Connects’ sessions, which make use of the woodland for foraging, fires and many other activities.


We also have a 60m x 40m all-weather arena, suitable for when your needs require a readily accessible location – easily found by the public and right next to the hard standing car park.  Marquees and stalls fit incredibly well in here.  It’s also the prime position for witnessing the breathtaking views and unforgettable sunsets – an impressive backdrop from which to mesmerise your guests.


Clare the owner has accumulated over 15 years expertise of hosting events, and is on hand to enable you to create an amazing experience.


Whether it’s a large affair, or a smaller ensemble, you may well find that Trefewha Farm has just what you’re looking for so contact Clare now to discuss your needs.

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A wild campsite provides numerous benefits as an event venue. Firstly, its unique and natural setting creates a captivating atmosphere for attendees, immersing them in the beauty of Cornwall's scenic landscapes. The campsite's flexibility allows for a wide range of events to be hosted, from weddings and corporate retreats to music festivals and workshops. Not only is it an affordable option compared to traditional venues, but it also offers the opportunity for unforgettable and immersive experiences. Overall, utilizing a wild campsite as an event venue offers a distinct blend of nature, flexibility, affordability, and memorable experiences. A wild campsite offers a truly unique and natural setting for events. Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Cornwall, the site provides a breathtaking backdrop that sets it apart from traditional venues. Surrounded by lush greenery, towering trees, and rolling hills, attendees can revel in the beauty of nature throughout the event. The serene environment creates a sense of tranquility and peacefulness, enhancing the overall ambiance and making it an ideal venue for those seeking an exceptional and natural experience. One of the key advantages of a wild campsite as an event venue is its inherent flexibility. The open space and versatile layout allow for a wide variety of events to be hosted, accommodating different requirements and themes. Whether it's a wedding, corporate team-building retreat, music festival, or adventure workshop, the campsite can be transformed to suit the specific needs of each event. From setting up stages for live performances to creating designated areas for workshops or recreational activities, the flexibility of a wild campsite enables event organizers to tailor the space to their vision. Opting for a wild campsite as an event venue proves to be a cost-effective choice when compared to traditional venues. Traditional venues often come with high rental fees, additional charges for facilities, and strict regulations on outside vendors. In contrast, a wild campsite offers a more affordable solution, as it provides a blank canvas where organizers have greater control over expenses. Furthermore, the freedom to bring in external suppliers and utilize temporary infrastructure can help reduce costs, making a wild campsite a budget-friendly and financially viable option for hosting events. A wild campsite presents a unique opportunity for immersive and memorable experiences. Being surrounded by nature offers an escape from the ordinary, allowing participants to connect with the environment and themselves. Whether it's stargazing around a campfire, taking guided nature walks, or participating in outdoor activities, attendees can create lasting memories and forge deeper connections. The freedom to explore and engage with the natural surroundings cultivates a sense of adventure and adds an element of excitement to the event, ensuring that it remains memorable for all who attend. When considering a wild campsite as an event venue, there are several important factors to take into account. These include accessibility and transportation logistics, permit and legal requirements, infrastructure and facilities needed, weather and seasonal considerations, as well as environmental impact and sustainability measures. Each of these considerations plays a crucial role in ensuring the success and smooth operation of the event. By thoroughly addressing these aspects, event organizers can overcome potential challenges and create a memorable experience for attendees. A wild campsite offers a unique and versatile setting that is well-suited for a variety of events. From outdoor weddings and receptions to corporate team-building retreats, music festivals and concerts, adventure and nature-themed workshops, and retreats and wellness programs, the possibilities are endless. The natural beauty and rugged charm of the campsite create a magical atmosphere that can enhance any event, providing attendees with an immersive and memorable experience. Whether you are looking for a picturesque backdrop for a wedding, a stimulating environment for team-building activities, or a serene space for a wellness retreat, a wild campsite in Cornwall offers the perfect venue. Our farm presents a captivating option for outdoor weddings and receptions. The unique and natural setting of the campsite provides a picturesque backdrop that will leave a lasting impression on guests. Couples can exchange vows surrounded by stunning landscapes, lush greenery, and the soothing sounds of nature. The flexibility of the campsite allows for creative customization, with the potential for various themes and layouts. Additionally, the campsite can accommodate both intimate ceremonies and larger celebrations, with ample space for dining, dancing, and entertainment. The immersive experience offered by a wild campsite wedding ensures a truly memorable and romantic event. Trefewha Farm serves as an ideal venue for team-building retreats. The natural surroundings and open spaces encourage collaboration, creativity, and adventure. Team members can participate in a range of outdoor activities, such as team challenges, nature hikes, and camping adventures, fostering strong relationships and promoting teamwork. The campsite's flexibility allows for the customization of retreat programs to suit specific objectives and requirements. With the ability to disconnect from distractions, the wild campsite provides a focused and immersive environment where teams can bond, learn, and grow together. A wild campsite offers an exceptional setting for folk music festivals and concerts. The natural acoustics and expansive outdoor spaces create a unique and immersive experience for both performers and attendees. The campsite can accommodate stages, seating areas, and facilities for vendors, ensuring a seamless event flow. The stunning backdrop of the wild campsite adds to the ambiance and excitement of the performances. The campsite presents an opportunity to showcase a diverse range of musical performances, from intimate acoustic sessions to lively outdoor concerts. Our unique farm provides an ideal setting for adventure and nature-themed workshops. The campsite's proximity to beautiful natural landscapes, such as forests, rivers, and beaches, offers a wealth of opportunities for outdoor exploration and hands-on learning experiences. Workshop participants can engage in activities like hiking, wildlife observation, survival skills training, and environmental education. The tranquil and inspiring environment fosters a deeper connection with nature and promotes personal growth and development. With the flexibility to create tailored workshops, the wild campsite serves as the perfect venue to inspire and educate participants in an immersive and adventurous setting. A campsite is an ideal location for retreats and wellness programs. The serene and natural surroundings offer a peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere, promoting relaxation, mindfulness, and self-care. Participants can engage in a variety of wellness activities, such as yoga sessions, meditation workshops and nature walks. The campsite's flexible facilities can be utilized for accommodations, dining areas, and spaces for workshops and group activities. Whether it's a wellness weekend getaway or a longer retreat, a wild campsite provides the perfect backdrop for individuals to unwind, connect with nature, and prioritize their well-being.

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