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Things to Do in St Ives, Cornwall

St Ives, Cornwall, boasts an impressive array of stunning beaches renowned for their crystal azure waters and delicate golden sands. These beaches provide an ideal spot for various fun-filled relaxing activities, from sunbathing to swimming or even reading a book. Each beach, from the active Porthmeor Beach, beloved by surf enthusiasts to the serene Porthminster Beach, favoured by families, to the scenic Carbis Bay Beach, offers unique qualities and amenities. Hence, St Ives stands as a genuine paradise for beach lovers.

Porthmeor Beach

Porthmeor Beach, sited directly opposite the iconic Tate St Ives museum, stands as one of the most visited beaches in St Ives. The golden sandy beach is a mecca for surfing enthusiasts, owing to its pristine waves and reliable swells, appealing to novices and seasoned surfers alike. Besides surfing, the beach provides a picturesque setting for sunbathing and relaxation, with breathtaking views over the bay. In addition, it's well-fitted with essential amenities such as restrooms, beachside cafes, and lifeguards who are present throughout the summer.

Porthminster Beach

A short stroll from the heart of St Ives leads to Porthminster Beach, a picture-perfect sandy beach known for its clear and inviting waters, with an ideal setting for swimming and paddling. Set amidst palm trees and backing onto the celebrated St Ives railway viaduct, Porthminster Beach paints an absolutely idyllic scene. This well-kept beach provides various amenities including beach huts, restrooms, along with a beachside cafe offering delicious refreshments. The beach is perfect for either a laid-back day by the ocean or an eventful family excursion.

Carbis Bay Beach

Carbis Bay Beach, barely a mile from St Ives, is a secluded slice of paradise with its remarkable clear turquoise waters and soft, golden sands. The serene beach provides a divine escapade, owing to its calm and protected conditions, making it perfect for swimming and paddleboarding. The beach, framed by lush greenery, offers excellent facilities, such as restrooms, a beachside café, and beach huts available for rent. If your goal is to bask in the sun, take a revitalising dip, or simply absorb the tranquil ambiance, Carbis Bay Beach provides a serene and enchanting visit.

Art Galleries

St Ives, an idyllic coastal town in Cornwall, is globally acclaimed for its bustling art scene. With a multitude of art galleries to explore, it's a veritable paradise for patrons of the arts. From distinguished establishments to niche indie settings, the galleries in St Ives present a wide mix of art mediums and styles. Art enthusiasts can dive deep into this vibrant masterclass, viewing works from artists both local and of international fame. Be it modern paintings, intriguing sculptures, ceramics, or unique installations - the galleries in St Ives guarantee an enchanting adventure into the art world.

Tate St Ives

Nestled within Cornwall's St Ives, Tate St Ives, part of the renowned Tate group, is a notable art gallery that specialises in modern and contemporary works. Exhibiting works by artists associated with St Ives, it encapsulates the town's artistic lineage beautifully. With its breathtaking views overlooking the ocean and a striking architectural design, Tate St Ives offers an elevated interactive experience through the form of intriguing exhibitions. From avant-garde installations to meticulously curated displays, this gallery promises a vibrant and enriching experience for art aficionados.

Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden

The Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden in St Ives is a must-see for aficionados of modern sculpture. This distinctive museum, dearest to acclaimed British sculptor Barbara Hepworth, rests within her former studio and landscaped garden space - offering a profound immersion into her life and works. Visitors get to unravel the complexity of her sculptures, both indoor and outdoor, her drawings, and personal possessions. The peaceful sculpture garden adds a serene touch to the exploration, letting you appreciate the artistic brilliance within a naturally beautiful setting.

Leach Pottery

Founded by distinguished ceramicist Bernard Leach in 1920, Leach Pottery in St Ives, Cornwall, is a significant destination for crafting pottery. The museum exhibits a stunning spectrum of pottery styles, from conventional to contemporary, epitomising St Ives' deep-rooted ceramic heritage. Aspiring artists and visitors can marvel at the prowess of expert potters, delve into the craft's abundant history, and even get hands-on with pottery creation in workshops and sessions. The Leach Pottery provides a captivating glimpse into the world of ceramics and its timeless cultural relevance.

St Ives Society of Artists

The St Ives Society of Artists, established in 1927, serves as an influential artistic society that fosters and champions the art sphere in St Ives. It has consistently displayed works of homegrown artists, fuelling the town's dynamic art scene. Regular exhibitions facilitated by the society provide artists a platform to spotlight their abilities and engage with a diverse audience. Visitors can uncover a variety of art forms, from paintings and sculptures to mixed media, crafted by both established names and emerging talent. Offering insights into St Ives' current artistic panorama, the St Ives Society of Artists forms an integral part of the town's fabric.

Coastal Walks

St Ives, Cornwall is home to some of the most breathtaking coastal walks that offer a glimpse into the area's stunning natural surroundings. These walking paths provide an ideal way to explore St Ive's rugged shoreline and indulge in awe-inspiring vistas. The beloved St Ives Bay Walk meanders along the scenic bay offering panoramic views of cerulean ocean and sun-bleached beaches. There's also the renowned South West Coast Path, spanning an impressive 630 miles, allowing those who tread its paths to get an immersive experience of Cornwall's dynamic landscapes. The Zennor Head Walk will satisfy those looking for a more vigorous trek with its steep cliffs, untamed moors, and ample opportunities to spot seals and seabirds. Whether a scenic admirer, an enthusiastic hill climber, or someone seeking a relaxed ramble, these seaside paths in St Ives will fulfil your thirst for adventure.

St Ives Bay Walk

The St Ives Bay Walk is a wonderfully tranquil coastal journey that lets you truly appreciate the natural allure of the region. Starting in the bustling heart of St Ives, this walk takes you along the sun-kissed beaches of Porthminster and Porthmeor. It offers fantastic vistas of the bay and sparkling cobalt waters. As the trail moves forward, you get a chance to discover enchanting seaside cottages and enjoy the cool ocean breezes. The path also opens up to splendid gardens and lush parks where you can pause and drink in the serene ambience. This leisurely walking experience is appropriate for all ages and gives a marvelous opportunity to relish in the coastal grandeur of St Ives Bay.

South West Coast Path

The South West Coast Path is an iconic trail that should not be missed by nature lovers and seasoned hikers journeying to St Ives, Cornwall. This famous trail traces the spectacular coastline for an expansive 630 miles, extending from Somerset to Dorset. During your time in St Ives, you can tread on a portion of this trail, which offers spellbinding perspectives of the jagged cliffs, untouched beaches, and turquoise tides. The path meanders through varied landscapes, embracing woodlands, heaths, and coastal meadows, giving a peek into the region's diverse wildlife and greenery. Whether you're undertaking a brief stroll or going on a sprawling multi-day hike, the South West Coast Path promises a thrilling outdoor escapade that will remain etched in memory.

Zennor Head Walk

The Zennor Head Walk is a challenging yet rewarding coastal trek that highlights the raw and compelling charm of St Ives, Cornwall. Initiating in the picture-perfect village of Zennor, this walk guides you along the commandingly beautiful cliffs with captivating views over the vast Atlantic spread below. The trail crosses through heathland and moorland, painting a picture of the Wild Cornish coast with the pervasive aroma of the ocean. Seals and seabirds often dot the landscape, adding to the overall beauty. As you approach Zennor Head, panoramic scenes of the Cornish coastline come into view. Balancing natural attractiveness with a touch of thrill, the Zennor Head Walk is a must-try for adventure-seeking hikers craving for an unforgettable time in St Ives.

Bird Trips

Embarking on boat trips in St Ives provides a captivating way to discover the rare beauty of the coast and its fauna. Boasting a variety of voyages, from calming cruises to thrilling tours, there's an expedition that caters to everyone's taste. Frequent options include trips to Seal Island, an exposure to seals in their intact surroundings. Simultaneously, the Godrevy Lighthouse boat tours grant a singular opportunity to examine the acclaimed lighthouse up close while gaining insights into its intriguing past. Wildlife observers will get a thrill out of St Ives Bay wildlife boat tours chances to witness dolphins, whales and other maritime dwellers in their untouched environs. With expert guides and stunning landscapes, these boat trips are must-try adventures for St Ives visitors.

Seal Island Trips

Journeys to Seal Island nestled in St Ives provide a spectacular opportunity to engage with seals within their pristine living conditions. The boat jaunts transport you to a neighboring island, offering a front-row seat for viewing seals in their pure environment. As you traverse the coastline, the guides enlighten you regarding seals' behavior and characteristics. Known for their playful behavior and inquisitive nature, seals present a lasting memory for both young and old. Typical tours can span a couple of hours, providing ample time for observing and capturing images of these charming creatures. Seal Island trips are widely loved in St Ives and come highly commended for wildlife buffs.

Godrevy Lighthouse Boat Tours

Godrevy Lighthouse boat tours offer a distinctive occasion to explore one of St Ives' renowned societal touchstones. The voyages carry you along a picturesque coastal route, revealing breathtaking vistas of the rocky island topped with the lighthouse. Guides possessing extensive knowledge impart the chronicle and symbolism of the Godrevy Lighthouse, a beacon for seafarers since 1859. Nearing the lighthouse, you'll be poised to marvel at its striking architectural features while learning about its workings. The sea offers a novel vantage point to appreciate this famed landmark's allure and value. Crusaders of history and nature alike should not bypass the Godrevy Lighthouse boat tours.

St Ives Bay Wildlife Boat Trips

For wildlife devotees, the St Ives Bay wildlife boat trips promise an experience to cherish. These seafaring expeditions navigate the abundant marine habitat of St Ives Bay, teeming with diverse fauna. Sightings of dolphins and whales are not uncommon, making for an exciting spectacle in their unspoiled settings. On these tours, knowledgeable guides share facts about the area's resident species and their conservation efforts. The outing also affords a moment to soak in the magnificence of the coastal panorama on the bay's cusp. St Ives Bay wildlife boat trips are an extraordinary conduit to communion with nature and the creation of enduring memories.


The delightful coastal town of St Ives in Cornwall is a paradise for surf enthusiasts. With its breathtaking shoreline and consistent surf, it caters to both novices and seasoned surfers, offering them the thrill they seek. Numerous surf schools dotting the area, providing lessons and renting gear, make it simple for those who wish to dip their toes in the sport. So whether you're looking to ride your first surfboard or take your ability to the next level, St Ives provides the perfect backdrop for a thrilling surf adventure.

Porthmeor Beach Surf School

Situated in the thriving heart of St Ives, Porthmeor Beach Surf School offers top-tier surf lessons for individuals of all age groups and abilities. Their seasoned and certified trainers create a safe and enjoyable learning ambience. Small class sizes and high-quality gear mean you can look forward to individualized attention and abundant waves to conquer. Whether you're a novice venturing into the surf or an experienced surfer hoping to refine your strategies, Porthmeor Beach Surf School provides an unrivalled surfing experience in St Ives.

St Ives Surf School

As one of the most esteemed surf schools in Cornwall, St Ives Surf School is nestled on the shores of Porthmeor Beach. It offers a variety of tailored surf lessons fitting for diverse skill sets. Their enthusiastic and well-versed trainers ensure an entertaining and informative session, concentrating on both safety and technique. Regardless of your skill - whether you're just beginning or a seasoned pro, St Ives Surf School equips you with the proficiency and resources needed to enhance your surfing journey and maximize your aquatic time.

Gwithian Academy of Surfing

Located in the vicinity of St Ives, Gwithian Academy of Surfing is a notable surf school known for superior instruction and cordial service. The academy caters to all proficiency levels, from beginners to advanced surfers. You'll get comprehensive guidance and support from their seasoned trainers and access to premium surfing gear. Gwithian's superb location pairs with consistent wave patterns to provide an ideal setting where you can hone your surfing skills, all while basking in Cornwall's scenic beauty.


Several fascinating museums are nestled within St Ives, each presenting a unique opportunity to delve into the town's rich culture and history. The St Ives Museum stands as one of these, offering insights into the town's nautical heritage through a collection of intriguing artifacts, photos, and documents illustrating the town's story. The Penwith Gallery is another standout, hosting a medley of contemporary art pieces from both local and national artists, reflecting the town's thriving art scene. For those with a penchant for handcrafted items, a stop at The Sloop Craft Market and Workshop is a necessity. Featuring a broad array of locally crafted items such as pottery, textiles, and jewelry, and offering the chance to watch artists live at work, it's truly a unique peek into an artisan's world.

St Ives Museum

The St Ives Museum is a treasure trove nestled in the town's heart, offering a comprehensive exploration of St Ives' history and heritage. Hosting a myriad of maritime-related artifacts, photos, and tales of St Ives' maritime past, the museum promises an engaging and enlightening experience. Visitors have the chance to study an array of exhibits like models of historical boats, ocean navigation tools, and fishing gear. Besides, the museum also stocks a wealth of documents and photographs unveiling the stories of local fishers and the evolution of the fishing industry. For those with a thirst for history or an interest in understanding St Ives' past, the museum is an engaging platform to do so.

The Penwith Gallery

The Penwith Gallery, located in St Ives, serves as a prominent art gallery showcasing a stunning array of contemporary local and national art. As you peruse the gallery's airy, sunlit rooms, you'll come across a diverse assortment of artistic forms ranging from paintings and sculptures to ceramics and mixed media creations. The gallery regularly plays host to displays of its members' works, all of whom are respected artists. In addition to this, the gallery houses a shop where artistic works and crafts by local artists can be bought. Whether a seasoned art patron or someone who revels in creative expression, The Penwith Gallery offers a vibrant and thought-provoking experience.

The Sloop Craft Market and Workshop

The Sloop Craft Market and Workshop is a bustling center for creativity nestled in the heart of St Ives. This market provides a platform for visitors to check out and purchase a myriad of handcrafted items created by local artisans. An assortment of unique pieces, from pottery to textiles, jewelry to woodworks, and more, awaits you. The market also arranges workshops wherein artists and craftsmen can be observed crafting their pieces live. For those hunting for a special keepsake or looking to soak in an artistic ambiance, a visit to The Sloop Craft Market and Workshop will enthuse art lovers and offer a unique shopping adventure.


St Ives in Cornwall boasts a vibrant food scene with a cornucopia of exemplary restaurants and cafes serving irresistible cuisine to satiate diverse palates and budgets. Fresh seafood delicacies, an array of international cuisines, or the quintessential Cornish fare, you'll discover them all in the wide menu range to choose from in this town. The bustling gastronomic landscape of St Ives comprises gourmet restaurants, relaxed bistros, and quaint cafes, all highlighting the local products and traditional dishes. Whether it's dining near the shoreline with an awe-inspiring sea view or enjoying a meal in an intimate restaurant nestled in the labyrinth of narrow streets, St Ives offers dining experiences that are truly unforgettable.

Porthminster Beach Cafe

Occupying a prime location on Porthminster Beach, the Porthminster Beach Cafe is a culinary beacon in St Ives, renowned for its sublime food complemented by panoramic sea views. This esteemed cafe prides itself on serving a unique gastronomic fusion of Mediterranean and Asian flavors using fresh, regionally sourced produce. The enticing menu features delights such as Cornish crab linguine, roasted hake, as well as a plethora of vegetarian options. The stylish ambiance, delightful service, and stunning location conspire to offer you an unforgettable, picturesque dining experience at the Porthminster Beach Cafe.

The Seafood Cafe

As the name suggests, The Seafood Cafe in St Ives is an eminent food haven specializing in crafting mouth-watering seafood delicacies. With a mainstay focus on the freshest daily catch, the Cafe churns out a plethora of seafood dishes from grilled fish to seafood linguine and lavish platters. Catering to diverse tastes, the menu also features a selection of vegetarian and meat dishes. The Cafe stands committed to sustainability, sourcing its seafood from local fishers who employ responsible fishing practices. The cozy, laid-back ambiance further enriches the overall dining experience at The Seafood Cafe.

The Digey Food Room

For those seeking a taste of artisanal, homemade comfort food, The Digey Food Room is an ideal spot. This charming cafe-cum-deli serves an assortment of delectable sandwiches, salads, and baked goods, all prepared with ingredients sourced locally. The Digey Food Room emphasizes quality and flavor, promising a delightful gustatory journey for those in search of a swift yet satisfying meal. Its inviting interior, coupled with a warm staff, radiates a hospitable aura, making the dining experience all the more enjoyable.

The Hub St Ives

Located in the pulsating heart of St Ives, The Hub presents itself as a contemporary and hip cafe offering a place to relax, unwind, and relish a plethora of light meals and beverages. With its chic decor and chilled vibe, it's an ideal spot to savor a steaming cup of coffee or a light meal from its assorted menu featuring freshly brewed coffee, sumptuous sandwiches, salads, and irresistible cakes. In addition, The Hub frequently hosts live music gigs and art exhibits, enhancing its standing as a cultural nodal point in the town. With something for everyone, The Hub indeed is a vibrant social hub that warrants a visit by residents and tourists alike.


Delighting in the vast array of shopping opportunities that St Ives presents, one can find everything from quaint individual boutiques to specialty gift shops. Fore Street stands out as a principal shopping locality, brimming with a rich diversity of art galleries, fashion retailers, jewelers, and stores proffering household goods. It is celebrated for its lively ambience and broad selection of wares. Another not-to-be-missed shopping destination is Tregenna Hill which is conveniently in proximity to the town centre, housing an amalgam of antiquary shops, booksellers, and niche stores. Market Place is a pure embodiment of the region's richness in fresh local produce and handmade crafts. It is an active alfresco market hosted weekly and displaying an array of goods, from fresh fruits and vegetables to handcrafted wares and locally produced artwork. True to its Cornish authenticity, St Ives provides a multitude of shopping prospects to gratify every incoming tourist, whether they seek treasured keepsakes or retail gratification.

Fore Street

Fore Street thrives as a bustling shopping hotspot nestled in the heart of St Ives, Cornwall. Renowned for its enchanting atmosphere and abundance of diverse stores, a leisurely saunter down the street reveals a wealth of independent boutiques, art exhibitions, clothing shops, and jewelry outlets. Look no further than Fore Street for distinctive artwork or bespoke jewelry pieces. The street is also populated with numerous household goods stores where you can uncover unique decorative pieces for your home. Whether on a mission to find an extraordinary gift or a stylish wardrobe addition, Fore Street delivers a pleasurable shopping venture with its kaleidoscopic array of shops and congenial environment.

Tregenna Hill

Located merely a stone's throw away from the town centre, Tregenna Hill stands as a core attraction for those in pursuit of distinct shopping experiences in St Ives. This charming avenue is festooned with an array of stores including antique emporiums, bookstores, and distinct retailers. You'll be lrapt by the versatile assortment of items, spanning from prized vintage keepsakes to captivating literary works. Tregenna Hill also punctuates its charm with several art displays, presenting the opportunity for admiration and acquisition of local artwork. No matter whether you're a bibliophile, antique aficionado, or art enthusiast, Tregenna Hill promises an engaging and diversified shopping sojourn in St Ives' very own epicenter.

Market Place

For an authentic immersion in local culture and the discovery of unparalleled products, Market Place calls for your attention. Taking place weekly, this energetic outdoor market unfolds a spectrum of goods for visitors to discover. Amid fresh fruits and vegetables, handmade crafts, and local artwork, a bounty of enchanting discoveries awaits. Here, the market presents a chance to endorse the work of local craftsmen and farmers whilst savoring the region's dynamic offerings. Traverse the vibrant stalls and absorb the sights, sounds, and scents of this animated marketplace. Whether you need fresh produce for a leisurely picnic or unique mementos to commemorate your visit, Market Place in St Ives is an essential stop for avid shoppers and cultural devotees alike.

Day Trips

In the picturesque town of St Ives, Cornwall, a myriad of appealing day excursions awaits explorers. The iconic St Michael's Mount, a tidal island just a stone's throw off the coast, is a premier selection for a day outing. The island, with its historic castle and lush gardens, presents a one-of-a-kind experience, accessible by a causeway at low tide or a quick boat journey. Another not-to-be-missed location is Land's End, mainland England's extreme western point, appreciated for its phenomenal cliffs and untamed landscape. This location is a photographer's paradise, with remarkable coastal treks available. Lastly, for those with a penchant for theatre, the Minack Theatre atop a cliff with oceanic views is an irresistible destination. This outdoor auditorium plays host to numerous performances year-round, creating a unique day-trip experience.

St Michael's Mount

A trip to St Michael's Mount, in St Ives, Cornwall, promises an enthralling day's adventure. This trademark tidal island houses a grand medieval castle and well-kept gardens. The island can be reached by foot via the causeway at low tide, or those seeking a sense of adventure can opt for a boat ride. Inside the castle, travellers can delve into its fascinating past, discover the perfectly manicured gardens and soak in the captivating views of the coast. Make sure to explore the island's quaint village to find charming cafes and boutiques. Whether your interest lies in uncovering historical secrets, botanical beauty, or the serene ambiance, this trip to St Michael's Mount is bound to be a delightful day well spent.

Land's End

Land's End offers another compelling option for day explorers in St Ives, Cornwall. This region, marking the westernmost point of mainland England, is distinguished by its dramatic landscape and striking cliffs that offer panoramic coastal vistas. Embarking on a cliff-top walk, visitors can enjoy the spectacular scenery and observe the abundant marine life in the nearby waters. Take this opportunity to snap photos of the iconic 'Land's End' signpost, symbolic of the country's edge. Pause for a meal at the visitor center, well-equipped with shops and dining options, and take in the view. With its unmatched natural allure, a trip to Land's End is an unforgettable and visually stunning journey that showcases Cornwall at its finest.

Minack Theatre

For theatre aficionados in St Ives, Cornwall, the Minack Theatre presents a charming full-day outing. Positioned atop a cliff with a vista of the shimmering Atlantic Ocean, this extraordinary open-air auditorium provides a distinctive theatre-going experience. With the backdrop of the sea, the theatre exhibits a variety of performances, encompassing plays, musicals, and concerts. Visitors have the opportunity to wander through the terraced seating area and admire the grand stage, designed directly into the cliffside. Softly lit under the open skies, the Minack Theatre is a blend of culture and nature, displaying breath-taking sights and offering an unforgettable ambience; a must-visit spot for culture and nature enthusiasts.

Water Sports

Charming St Ives in Cornwall presents a myriad of thrilling water-based activities that cater to both novices and seasoned water sports enthusiasts. Its breathtaking surroundings of glittering waters and an impressive shoreline make it a haven for aquatic adventure. The diverse palette of options, from exhilarating kayak rides to thrilling coasteering escapades, ensures a pulse-pounding experience or a serene enjoyment of the ocean's beauty. Essentially, St Ives proves to be a must-visit hub for those seeking maritime revelry.


Kayaking ranks high on the list of preferred water sports in St Ives, offering an opportunity to uncover the awe-inspiring landscapes of the coast and magnificent beaches. Regardless of your affinity for a tranquil ride or a gutsy sailing expedition, a spectrum of kayak tours and rentals awaits sea-lovers at different proficiency levels. Amid the pristine turquoise waters of St Ives, uncover secluded inlets, discover exciting wildlife up close and marvel at the raw beauty of spectacular cliffs. Guided by expert professionals and equipped with top-notch gear, kayaking here promises a mix of safety and thrill.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

For those seeking a serene and atypical perspective of the exquisite shoreline of St Ives, Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) offers a splendid experience. Catering to both rookies and skilled paddlers, it unearths an engaging and satisfying journey. Feel the calm rhythm of the water, bask under the radiant sun, and immerse yourself in the spectacular vistas around. Diverse offerings ranging from leisure paddling to SUP yoga sessions cater to a varied range of interests. Utilize rental services or partake in guided tours to fully savor your stand-up paddleboarding adventure amidst the charm of St Ives.


If an electrifying coastal escapade is what you're after, coasteering at St Ives should be at the top of your to-do list. An amalgamation of swimming, climbing, and cliff jumping, coasteering enables you to traverse the craggy seashore filled with adrenaline-inducing activities. Guided by veterans, you can safely journey through rocky terrains, delve into secluded caves, and muster courage for audacious plunges into the invigorating sea. A coasteering trip serves as an exceptional means to sync with nature and push your boundaries while reveling in the stunning coastal beauty of St Ives.


St Ives, Cornwall, a captivating coastal town, is dotted with enchanting parks and gardens which serve as a sanctuary for those with an affinity for nature. Offering a tranquil haven amidst the town's bustle, these verdant spaces invite an immersion into the region’s organic beauty. From radiant floral gardens to well-tended parks, you can relish the various species of flora during a relaxed walk or a serene picnic. Visit the Trewyn Gardens, the St Ives Skate Park, or the St Nicholas Chapel Gardens and find yourself nestled within verdant foliage, captivating blossoms, and calm environments. Take the time to admire the meticulous landscaping and unwind in the picturesque milieu of these delightful parks and gardens.

Trewyn Gardens

Situated right in the pulsating heart of St Ives, Trewyn Gardens offers an appealing sanctuary for nature buffs. Boasting manicured green spaces, dazzling flower gardens, and inviting footpaths, this locale provides a serene getaway from the urban rush. The standout feature of Trewyn Gardens is its dazzling array of subtropical plants flourishing due to Cornwall's temperate weather. As you navigate the winding paths amongst spirited blossoms and exotic plant life, the tranquil environment and the stunning vistas of St Ives Bay create the perfect ambiance for mindful relaxation and introspection.

St Ives Skate Park

Located not far from Porthmeor Beach, St Ives Skate Park is a beloved hub for skateboarders, inline skaters, and BMX enthusiasts. This specially crafted facility boasts numerous ramps, rails, and ledges, offering limitless potential for exciting maneuvers. Regardless of experience level, skaters can make the most of the gleaming concrete surface and demanding course elements. The skate park juxtaposes adrenaline-pumping action with awe-inspiring coastal scenery, delivering an unparalleled experience. Whether you're a novice aiming to hone your skills or a seasoned skateboarder in pursuit of a fresh challenge, St Ives Skate Park is the ideal space to unleash the skater within you.

St Nicholas Chapel Gardens

Perched atop the famed St Ives Island are the St Nicholas Chapel Gardens, exuding an unmatched elegance. This quaint garden envelopes the historic St Nicholas Chapel - religious grounds hailing from the 15th century. A stroll through the meticulously kept gardens adorned with carefully curated flowerbeds, manicured green spaces, and tranquil seating areas, will enchant any visitor. Gazing across the horizon, you're treated to a panoramic spectacle encompassing the town, harbor, and the expansive Atlantic. The gardens blend rich history with awe-striking views, offering a peaceful retreat away from the rush of daily life.


St Ives, Cornwall invites wildlife enthusiasts to step into a haven of natural beauty teeming with diverse fauna. From the vibrant birdlife to the captivating sight of seals lounging on the coast, and even the chance to observe dolphins and whales in their native milieu, St Ives paints an irresistible picture for nature lovers of all stripes. Savor an unforgettable experience of spotting various bird species, catching sight of seals resting at the seaside or watching the awe-inspiring spectacle of whales and dolphins in their natural surroundings at St Ives.


Birdwatching in St Ives, Cornwall is a delight for both seasoned bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. This region, rich in coastal and inland habitats, is a magnet for a broad spectrum of avian species. The cliffs surrounding Porthmeor Beach serve as a home to seabirds like oystercatchers, gannets, and fulmars. Meanwhile, the marshy areas and the reed beds near Carbis Bay Beach provide an ideal environment for wading birds like curlews and herons. The Zennor Head Walk also allows birdwatchers to spot beautiful skylarks and stonechats. The St Ives Bay Walk and South West Coast Path also promise a diverse array of picturesque coastal and migratory birds.

Seal Spotting

Seal spotting is a major attraction in St Ives, Cornwall. Their rugged coastline and rocky shores serve as the perfect resting hives for these adorable aquatic animals. Visitors often get to see seals sunbathing on the rocks or frolicking amid the waves. Places like Godrevy Lighthouse, Seal Island Trips, and St Ives Bay Wildlife Boat Trips are highly recommended sites for seal watching. These trips not only bring visitors closer to seals but are also informative journeys with expert guides sharing fascinating facts about seals and their ecosystems.

Dolphin and Whale Watching

St Ives, Cornwall stands out as an optimal location for whale and dolphin watching. Frequent sightings of various dolphin and whale species are a visual treat in these coastal waters, including common and bottlenose dolphins and even the occasional minke or humpback whale. Boat trips from St Ives Bay offer compelling opportunities to observe these magnificent marine creatures within their natural habitat while expertise guides to enlighten visitors with their behavioral aspects. Watching these intelligent aquatic mammals against the backdrop of scenic ocean views is an experience that inspires awe and wonder.

Historical Sites

St. Ives, located in Cornwall, is a treasure trove of historical attractions providing insights into its fascinating past. The town boasts several centuries-old landmarks and churches that intrigue the history buffs. The St Ives Parish Church, also known as St Ia Church, is a remarkable historical site featuring arresting architectural elements dating back to the medieval 15th Century. In addition, The Island, a tiny peninsula protruding into St Ives Bay, was a previous defensive fortification and currently offers a sweeping view of the town's landscapes. Finally, The Leach Pottery, established by Bernard Leach in 1920, served as a pioneering foundation for ceramic art in St Ives, contributing to the British Studio Pottery movement.

St Ives Parish Church

St. Ives Parish Church, also referred to as St Ia Church, promises a delightful adventure into history when visiting St Ives, Cornwall. This church has its history rooted in the medieval era of the 15th century, dedicated to St Ia, who is credited with spreading Christianity in the region. The church is famous for its majestic tower and intricate stained glass embellishments. Once inside, visitors can appreciate the authentic elements like age-old oak pews and prominent rood screen. Serving as a place of worship, St Ives Parish Church doubles up as a cultural and historical pitstop, offering a unique peek into the town's bygone era.

The Island

Located in the picturesque St. Ives, Cornwall, The Island stands as an intriguing historical site. Nestled on a small peninsula jutting into St Ives Bay, The Island presents spectacular panoramic views of the lively town and sweeping coastlines. Notably, it was a wartime defensive fortification, with traces of its storied past still visible, including historical gun placements and an age-old chapel. Currently, The Island is an ideal tranquil retreat offering leisurely walks away from the town's hustle and bustle, making it a must-visit point of interest in St. Ives.

The Leach Pottery

The Leach Pottery, stationed in St Ives, Cornwall, is a significant landmark holding a high place in ceramic arts history. Founded in the 1920s by the notable potter Bernard Leach along with collaborator Shoji Hamada, the pottery studio played an influential part in propelling the British Studio Pottery movement. Today, it continues to champion its long-held tradition by facilitating workshops, exhibiting arts, and providing riveting opportunities to observe the meticulous pottery work. Visitors have the chance to explore historical kilns and a museum exhibiting Leach's art, besides participating in pottery classes. For art lovers and anyone curious about St Ives' artistic legacy, The Leach Pottery is a must-explore attraction.


Acclaimed not just for its breathtaking beaches and thriving art community, St Ives is known for hosting numerous significant events and festivals all year round. By partaking in these celebrations, visitors get a chance to appreciate the town's rich cultural heritage. Whether it be arts and music festivals or gastronomy fairs, there's guaranteed enjoyment for every individual. Such events prominently feature the town's exceptional local talent, delightful culinary offerings, and significant literary work. Whether you're at the St Ives September Festival, St Ives Food and Drink Festival, or the St Ives Literature Festival, each provides a unique and enriching experience that enhances the allure of this seaside town.

St Ives September Festival

Each year, the eagerly awaited St Ives September Festival celebrates art in its array of forms. Organized in September, it gathers an eclectic mix of international performers, artists, musicians, and writers. Its program comprises live music gigs, art showcases, poetry recitals, theatrical performances, and workshops. Attendees get to absorb the artistic environment of St Ives, interact with the creatives, and uncover new artistic gems. Given its loaded history and a dedication to promoting artistic expression, the St Ives September Festival is a must-visit for art buffs and aficionados of culture.

St Ives Food and Drink Festival

A gourmet's paradise, the St Ives Food and Drink Festival presents the culinary jewels of Cornwall. This annual gathering unites local culinary experts, manufacturers, and food lovers to pay tribute to the region's impressive gastronomic pleasures. Guests can savor scrumptious dishes prepared using fresh local ingredients, all while relishing the stunning sea views. Beyond the delightful cuisine, cooking demonstrations, tasting experiences, and live performances add to the festival's excitement. With its lively ambiance, diverse palate profiles, the St Ives Food and Drink Festival assures a mesmerizing outing for all gastronomy enthusiasts.

St Ives Literature Festival

A grand gathering for the literary community, the St Ives Literature Festival summons revered authors, poets, and spinners of tales from near and far. Letter lovers have an opportunity to commune, delve into the realm of literature, enjoy author interactions, poetry recitals, book signings, and participate in writing workshops. Celebrating local literary prowess, it supports up-and-coming writers to display their craft and mingle with peers. The romantic surroundings paired with an ardent appreciation of literature make the St Ives Literature Festival a fascinating rendezvous for book lovers and those intrigued by storytelling.

Family Activities

Travelling to St Ives, Cornwall with your loved ones unveils a plethora of activities guaranteed to ensnare the interest of every family member. From idyllic sandy beaches to intriguing and interactive museums, the area boasts a rich variety of attractions. Be sure to stop by Paradise Park and JungleBarn, an exotic wildlife sanctuary meshed with an indoor play park. Experience the wonder of different bird species and animals while allowing the children to channel their energy into the bountiful slides and ball pits. Kidz R Us Theatre is yet another enthralling spot for families, spotlighting brilliant performances by budding young talents. For an adventurous day, take part in a St Ives Boats Treasure Hunt. Set off on a thrilling journey along the picturesque coastline in search of concealed treasures.

Paradise Park and JungleBarn

Situated in the heart of St Ives, Cornwall is the appealing Paradise Park and JungleBarn—an incredible family destination that marries a wildlife sanctuary with an indoor play arena. It's a sanctuary that's home to a multitude of exotic bird species such as parrots, penguins, and flamingos. Engage in the daily bird demonstrations and feeding sessions to fully appreciate the beauty of these creatures. The JungleBarn caters to the exciting play needs of children with its multistory soft play area replete with slides, ball pits and climbing apparatuses. The availability of cafes and picnic spots makes it an ideal location for a delightful family day.

Kidz R Us Theatre

St Ives, Cornwall is also home to the vibrant Kidz R Us Theatre—a vital stop for families seeking high-quality performances. This lively theater provides a platform where the exceptional talents of local young artists blossom into riveting plays and musicals. From comedic skits to touching dramas, there's always a range of exciting shows to enjoy. The inclusive and inviting ambiance of the theater ensures a memorable moment for both the young and the old. It's a perfect setting to appreciate local talents while basking in the joy of a captivating family performance.

St Ives Boats Treasure Hunt

For an experience mixed with thrill and exploration, embark on the St Ives Boats Treasure Hunt. Navigate the breathtaking coastline of Cornwall with your family, melding the rush of a hidden treasure chase with the serene beauty of the sea. This engaging exploration propels your family onto a boat to uncover buried treasures while your knowledgeable guides entertain you with intriguing tales about the region's history and wildlife. This is an optimum activity for families yearning for unique experiences when visiting St Ives.

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