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Things to do in Penzance, Cornwall

Penzance, Cornwall is your gateway to a trove of outdoor excursions that will keep you captivated. The picturesque St. Michael's Mount, an island graced with an ancient castle and elaborate gardens, is an absolute must-visit. The cliffside Minack Theatre, an outdoor performance space with panoramic views of the sea, promises a unique experience. For those who thrive in the great outdoors, the South West Coast Path offers unforgettable scenic walks. Or perhaps a laid-back day absorbing the coastal vistas at Penzance Promenade will be more to your liking.

Visit St. Michael's Mount

A trip to St. Michael's Mount is essential when exploring Penzance, Cornwall. This bewitching tidal island boasts a grand castle dated back to the 12th century, exquisite gardens, and a small charming village. During the low tide, the island approachable by foot across the causeway, or a brief boat journey during high tide. The magnificent castle offers striking views of Mount's Bay, with the colourful history of the St. Aubyn family woven intricately into its every corner. St. Michael's Mount is undoubtedly one of Penzance's most cherished jewels.

Explore the Minack Theatre

Perched atop the cliffs overlooking Porthcurno Beach, you'll find the extraordinary Minack Theatre. As an open-air theatre with the ocean serving as the backdrop, a visit here promises a truly distinct experience. Constructed out of the granite cliffs, this theatre hosts an array of performances to relish. From riveting plays to musical concerts, there's always a performance to catch. Embark on a guided tour and delve into the intriguing history of the theatre and its visionary creator, Rowena Cade. No trip to Penzance is complete without witnessing the majesty of the Minack Theatre.

Take a walk along the South West Coast Path

Let the idyllic beauty of the Cornish coastline envelop you with a walk along the South West Coast Path. As a renowned trail that paints a beautiful picture-in-motion, it offers spectacular scenery of precipitous cliffs, secluded coves and idyllic villages. The trail is sprawling, offering a chance for hikers at different stages to explore the mesmerising beauty it encompasses. Be it a short, tranquil coastal walk or a more ambitious hike, the path is an exceptional way to soak in the awe-inspiring natural splendour of Penzance and its environs.

Enjoy a day at Penzance Promenade

Opt for a relaxing day embarking on a leisurely sojourn at Penzance Promenade. Unwind as you walk the stretch from Penzance Harbor to Newlyn, drinking in the salty sea breeze. Take time to appreciate the panoramic views of the bay, complete with sandy shorelines, dramatic cliffs, and vibrantly-hued fishing boats. Pause for a swim at Jubilee Pool, an art deco treasure, or simply sit back on the sun terrace. With quaint cafes, ice cream parlours and sprawling gardens framing your journey, the Promenade provides a perfect haven for a peaceful day in Penzance.

Cultural Experiences

Delve into Penzance's cultural offerings, each one a treasure trove of experiences. Whether it's the charm of local art galleries, historical markets overflowing with variety, or lively theatres, Penzance has something appealing for every cultural palate. Begin your cultural journey with a visit to the Penlee House Gallery and Museum, home to a captivating array of British and Cornish art. History aficionados will find the historic Penzance Market irresistible, with its wide array of wares. Complete your cultural exploration at the Acorn Theatre, famous for its eclectic schedule of plays, music, and dance. Each of these experiences offers valuable insights into Penzance's artistic and cultural legacy.

Visit Penlee House Gallery and Museum

In a beautifully preserved Victorian mansion lies the Penlee House Gallery and Museum, a beacon for art lovers showcasing a mesmerizing collection of British and Cornish art. Ever popular are the works of the illustrious Newlyn School painters. Navigate through the diverse exhibits to unearth the rich cultural and maritime history of Penzance. With a wide variety of paintings, sculptures, and photographs, this venue provides an enriching look at local history and art. A visit here is an absolute must for culture aficionados and history buffs.

Discover the historic Penzance Market

Step into a world brimming with the vibrant charm of the past at the historic Penzance Market. Situated in the city's pulsating heart, this market has shaped Penzance's cultural and economic landscape for centuries. Lose yourself in the labyrinth of stalls offering everything from fresh produce to local crafts, clothes, and antiques. Engage with the friendly sellers, ever ready to share tales and tips. As you meander, soak in the sights, sounds, and scents that make this lively marketplace a reflection of Penzance life. Be it singular mementos, fresh ingredients for a meal or simply the allure of a traditional market, a tour to the historic Penzance Market promises to delight.

Attend a performance at the Acorn Theatre

Embark on an evening of entertainment at the Acorn Theatre in Penzance. Known for a diverse array of performances, this intimate theatre holds regular theatre productions, live music concerts, and dance performances. Revel in the unique ambiance and be enthralled by talented performers. The varied programming ensures a steady lineup of insightful dramas to rhythmic musical performances. Regardless of your art preferences—from timeless classics to avant-garde spectacles—the Acorn Theatre delivers a captivating experience. Seize this chance to appreciate the craftsmanship of local and visiting artists in this charming theatre nestled in Penzance's buzz.

Historical Sites

The quaint town of Tenzance, Cornwall is teeming with historical sites that transport visitors back in time, providing a peek into epochs long passed. The array of historical landmarks are as diverse as they are captivating, ranging from archaic ruins to comprehensive museums. Tintagel Castle, renowned for its affiliation with the King Arthur legend, is a site not to be missed. This emblematic site gifts its visitors with breathtaking coastal vistas while allowing them to immerse themselves in a bygone era. One should not bypass the ancient hamlet of Chysauster, offering an unparalleled window into the everyday life in the Iron Age. As visitors stroll within the confines of the lingering stone structures, they can build a picture of life as it was lived many hundreds of years ago. The Penzance Museum is the hub for delving deeper into the town's intriguing narratives, showcasing the maritime past and its notable historic personalities. For those interested in Cornwall's industrial past, Geevor Tin Mine is the quintessential destination. Once a functioning mine, it now serves as an informative museum, highlighting the demanding work environment and the fruitful past of the area's mining sector.

Beaches and Coastal Areas

Known for its enchanting beaches and the captivating coastline, Penzance provides an array of activities suitable for every traveler's taste. Fancy a lounging afternoon on Marazion Beach’s golden sands, under the gaze of St. Michael's Mount? Or perhaps exploring Porthcurno Beach, near which displays the iconic Telegraph Museum, piques your interest more. Delve into the clear-as-glass waters and marvel at the town's natural aesthetics. Also, don't miss the painterly Sennen Cove, defined by its dramatic cliffs, alluring white sands and perfect surfing conditions. A haven for nature lovers and admirers of coastal beauty, Penzance offers a diverse and visually stunning coastal landscape.

Relax at Marazion Beach

Your ideal haven awaits you at Marazion Beach in Penzance. Indulge in its tranquil atmosphere, surrounded by soft golden sands and a sweeping vista of St. Michael's Mount. Surrender your day to basking in the sun-kissed sands while drinking in the magnificent landscape. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic whispers of the sea as your walk along the beach, gathering interesting shells along your way. Brave the chill of the clear waters if an invigorating swim is your chosen adventure. With its tranquil charm, Marazion Beach is a special corner of the world offering peace and resplendent natural beauty.

Visit Porthcurno Beach and the Telegraph Museum

Just a stone's throw away from Penzance, Porthcurno Beach emerges as an unexpected treasure, combining stunning landscapes and historical artifacts. Enclosed by imposing cliffs, the beach boasts clear turquoise waters and a blanket of fine white sand. Besides indulging in various aquatic joys or simply basking in the sun, this beach is home to something truly unique - the Telegraph Museum. Step back in history as you learn about the innovative undersea telegraph cables that linked continents in the early 20th Century. Dive into the museum's vast collection, uncover the narratives of past employees and understand how technological breakthroughs have shaped our world today.

Explore the beautiful Sennen Cove

Embedded along Penzance's jagged coastline is the eye-catching Sennen Cove. Pause and appreciate Cornwall's raw beauty epitomised by the turquoise sea, stark cliffs, and the virgin white beach. A stroll across the sunny sands to the harmonious rhythm of the waves crashing against the shore calms the senses. For the adventurous onlookers, the panoramic coastal paths provide unparalleled views of the surrounding landscapes. Sennen Cove is also a popular spot for surf-enthusiasts, attracting sports lovers from all walks of life. Regardless of your preference for relaxation or thrill-seeking, this charming cove will bowl you over with its natural allure.

Wildlife and Nature

Penzance, Cornwall truly is a treasure trove for lovers of natural beauty and wildlife observation. Scenic coastal views providing a vista of unique flora and fauna, opening a window to the awe-inspiring facets of nature. The natural charm of seal and dolphin habitat await exploration with boat tours. The Paradise Park wildlife sanctuary, renowned for its diverse and sometimes rare bird species, is a must-visit spot for birdwatchers. Lush Trengwainton Garden offers a kaleidoscope of exotic plant specimens found globally. With fauna, flora and landscapes that truly take one's breath away, Penzance scores high as a nature enthusiasts' hotspot.

Take a boat trip to see seals and dolphins

For an exhilarating wildlife experience, board a boat tour departing from Penzance and head towards the native playground of seals and dolphins. These cruises present a delightful spectacle of these marine wonders in their untouched territories. Watch out for Atlantic grey seals for they are known to be friendly and engaging. The leaping delights that are dolphins, showcase an acrobatic ballet and agility that's synonymous with their species. Throughout the journey, knowledgeable guides offer interesting facts about the marine creatures and their habitat, engraving a memorable marine sojourn in your memory.

Visit the Paradise Park wildlife sanctuary

While in Penzance, take the opportunity to journey into the wonders of nature at Paradise Park wildlife sanctuary. Hosting a myriad of both exotic and local bird species, this sanctuary allows visitors to observe and understand their unique behaviors and habitats. The park is also known for its committed conservation projects, to protect endangered avian species. A walk among the artistically-designed gardens, loaded with the chirpy sights and sounds of different birds, will make your day. Don't skip the chance to catch the daily show of prey birds swooping in the sky. For all bird watchers and nature lovers, Paradise park beckons you.

Explore the exotic plants at the Trengwainton Garden

Experience a botanical extravaganza at the fascinating Trengwainton Garden in Penzance. This delightful garden flaunts a grand array of unique plants, curated from various parts of the globe. Visitors can meander through lush trails featuring imposing palm trees, vibrant rhododendrons, and pretty camellias. The warm climate prevalent in the area facilitates the growth of a wider array of plant species, offering a dynamic and ever-changing visual treat, all year round. Do take out time to unwind amidst these tranquil settings, absorb the beauty and enjoy the serenity the garden has to offer. A visit to Trengwainton is a sensorial joy and a perfect tranquility retreat.

Local Cuisine

Penzance, in the heart of Cornwall, is a perfect feast for food lovers, offering a variety of mouthwatering culinary delights. Be it traditional culinary treasures or exotic seafood dishes, Penzance has something for every taste preference. The much-adored Cornish pasties, whether you are a connoisseur of breads or not, are a must-try item during any visit to Penzance. These portable pies stuffed with a mix of meat and vegetables make the perfect quick meal. Seafood admirers can also savour an array of dishes prepared with fish freshly caught that very day. Bite into a decadent crab, lobster, or mussel to truly get the flavour of the sea. For those who prefer a relaxed, unhurried dining ambience, a visit to a traditional Cornish cream tea shop should not be missed. Here, you can pamper yourself with scones topped with clotted cream and jam, served with a pot of tea. Penzance's local cuisine is bound to have you coming back for seconds.

Try the famous Cornish pasties

Your tour of Penzance isn't fulfilled without getting a taste of the beloved Cornish pasties. These widely acclaimed pies come with flaky dough filled generously with beef or lamb, potatoes, onions, and swede. The origin of this traditional recipe dates back to the time when miners would enjoy these as easy and filling meals. Today, they come in varied tasty stuffing options, including those favoured by vegetarians. Whether you prefer to savour a piping hot pasty straight out of the oven or to pack away a quick beach snack, your Britannic gastronomic voyage in Penzance is incomplete without trying these iconic pasties.

Sample fresh seafood at local restaurants

Being a coastal city, Penzance offers the luxury of fresh, locally caught seafood. Restaurants in the city take pride in serving the day's catch, cooked to perfection. Indulge your taste buds in luscious lobster, soft crab, and juicy mussels, all cooked in a plethora of styles. Whether grilled, steamed, or served with a tantalising sauce, Penzance's seafood dishes are guaranteed to delight the pickiest eaters. Being so close to the sea ensures every bite is as fresh as it gets, complemented by the picturesque coastal scenery of the town.

Visit a traditional Cornish cream tea shop

Engage in a typical British dining experience by stopping by a traditional Cornish cream tea shop in Penzance. These quaint venues offer a warm, cosy setting where guests can unwind over a classic cream tea. Indulge in scones freshly baked and served warm, topped generously with clotted cream and tangy jam. Complementing these with a pot of aromatic tea makes for a delightful afternoon. Most of these shops retain their traditional setting, adding to the authenticity of the experience, paired with friendly, attentive service. Don't miss this favourite Cornish pastime when you visit Penzance.

Day Trips from Penzance

As you journey around Penzance, there are several fascinating day excursions to surrounding points of interest. These trips encompass charming coastal towns and historic settlements, ensuring a variety of experiences for every traveler. St. Ives, a renowned day trip destination, is characterized by marvelous sandy beaches, mesmerizing coastline views, and streets teeming with art galleries and boutique shops. Also within reach is the enchanting Isles of Scilly, a paradise for nature lovers, famed for its immaculate beaches, clear waters, and exclusive wildlife. Lastly, experience the quaint village of Mousehole with its vibrant harbors, historic architecture, and maze of narrow streets, perfect to absorb the local way of life.

Explore the picturesque St. Ives

Situated a short hop away from Penzance is the beautiful town of St. Ives, a must-see in Cornwall. Renowned for crystal blue waters, breath-taking beaches and a thriving art community, St. Ives merges attributes of natural splendor and cultural fascination. Wander through its labyrinthine streets, brimming with quaint stores, art venues, and inviting cafes. A relaxed walk along the scenic harbor, filled with vibrantly hued fishing vessels is a must-do. Be sure to visit the famed Tate St. Ives, an art institution exhibiting contemporary works from local, as well as world-renowned artists. No matter your inclination - be it beaches, the arts, or immersing oneself in a lively atmosphere, St. Ives fulfills all these needs.

Visit the magical Isles of Scilly

For those seeking an escapade from the regular grind, an enchanting day trip from Penzance to the mystical Isles of Scilly might just be the ticket. This archipelago, situated off the southwestern coast of Cornwall, is a haven for wildlife aficionados and peace-seekers alike. Commence your journey with a boat ride to this secluded island cluster, unveiling undisturbed sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and captivating landscapes. Encounter diverse fauna like seals, puffins and dolphins during a guided tour or relish a calm coastal ramble with awe-inspiring panoramic views. Traverse the islands' archaeological sites and historical landmarks for a rich cultural immersion. The Isles of Scilly, with their serene ambiance and sublime scenery, promise a truly enchanting day-time excursion.

Discover the charming village of Mousehole

Tucked away on the Mount's Bay shoreline, the quaint village of Mousehole is a treasure waiting to be unearthed. This age-old fishing settlement, famed for its labyrinthine streets and scenic harbor, is an ideal choice for a day journey from Penzance. Meander around its quirky stores, art venues, and welcoming cafes. Enjoy a serene harbor stroll, taking in the colorful spectacle of fishing boats gently bobbing on the waves. Mousehole's stunning Christmas light display is a renowned sight, drawing visitors from far during the holiday season. At the Mousehole Heritage Museum, acquaint yourself with the village's maritime past and local folktales. With its bewitching appeal and mesmerizing visuals, Mousehole offers an enriching exploration of Cornish coastal lifestyle.

We hope you'll have a wonderful time in Penzance!

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