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Things to do in Helston, Cornwall

Helston, steeped in a rich history, is strewn with several historical marvels that offer a window into its illustrious past. Among them stands the Helston Museum, an institution dedicated to preserving the town's unique heritage through an assorted array of artifices and exhibits. Those who journey to the museum can traverse a variety of displays, shedding light on everything from the town's mining and seafaring history to its local customs and craftwork. Yet another historic jewel nestled in Helston is the National Trust's Godolphin Estate. The estate boasts a stately medieval manor surrounded by splendid gardens, where one can step into the shoes of the inhabitants of the 16th century. To delve deeper into the essence of Cornish existence, the Porthleven Museum of Cornish Life is always worth the visit, its collection offering a riveting narrative of the region's history and culture.

Helston Museum

A pilgrimage for all those with a fascination for history, the Helston Museum situates itself as the heart of Helston. The town's timeline is beautifully etched in the museum's diverse array of artefacts and exhibits. Visitors will be entranced by the town's historically rich mining and fishing traditions, fused with its strong agricultural roots. The museum also highlights the indigenous crafts and professions that have shepherded the local community through time. The Helston Museum, with its wide-ranging compilation, serves as an educational trove, reflecting a panoramic view of the town's progression over the years, an experience that is engaging and enlightening for all.

National Trust - Godolphin Estate

The Godolphin Estate, a symbol of grandeur and history preserved by the National Trust, graces the lands of Helston. Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, this humble abode welcomes wanderers, inviting them to revel in a monumental house from the 16th century and surrounding gardens. Tours of these illustrious grounds transport visitors through the annals of time, allowing them to observe the lasting architectural beauty. The gardens, replete with serene charm, serve as quiet retreats, gifting glimpses into bygone days. The Godolphin Estate, courtesy of the National Trust, stands as a tribute to Cornwall's legacy and an essential visit for those who appreciate both historical depth and natural splendour.

Porthleven Museum of Cornish Life

The Porthleven Museum of Cornish Life, a wellspring of regional heritage, is sure to captivate visitors with its distinctive insight into the local community's past. Perched within the quaint seaside town of Porthleven, the museum manifests an eclectic array of exhibits that narrate the region's unique tale of history and culture. From fishing and farming to the commonplace and the cherished traditional crafts, the museum paints a comprehensive portrait of Cornish existence over centuries. Visitor can dive into tales of yore, immersing themselves in the wealth of enchanting artifacts on display. A trip to Porthleven Museum of Cornish Life promises a rich and distinct experience for those wishing to probe deeper into the region's history.

Outdoor Activities

The picturesque town of Helston, nestled in the heart of Cornwall, boasts a multitude of amazing outdoor activities for all visitors. Take a meandering stroll along the magnificent coastlines or delve into the heart of nature reserves brimming with wildlife. Helston is home to the mesmerizing Lizard Peninsula Coastal Walk, which tantalizes your sense of adventure with its awe-inspiring cliff-side panoramas. Adventure enthusiasts are sure to be thrilled at Flambards Theme Park’s exhilarating rides and attractions, whereas Mullion Cove delivers tranquility with its serene landscapes. The diverse wildlife and captivating environment of the Goonhilly Downs Nature Reserve is a true treasure for nature lovers. In Helston, there's an outdoor activity to fulfil the whims and fancies of all travellers.

Lizard Peninsula Coastal Walk

Consider the Lizard Peninsula Coastal Walk as a requisite addition to your outdoor activities list while in Helston, Cornwall. Following a path riddled with dramatic coastal landscapes gives you a bird's eye view of the majestic sea and craggy cliffs. As a haven for birdwatchers, hikers and nature lovers, offering a tranquil atmosphere and an opportunity to spot diverse avian species. You can choose between a multitude of well-signed routes of varying difficulty, encompassing short, straightforward paths or the entire demanding trail. No matter if you're a daring trekker or someone seeking a peaceful stroll amidst nature, the Lizard Peninsula Coastal Walk guarantees a coastal adventure of unforgettable beauty.

Flambards Theme Park

To turn a day in Helston, Cornwall into a thrilling escapade of fun and frolic, don't miss the exceptional Flambards Theme Park. An array of rides and attractions—from roller coasters to water slides to kid-friendly games—means non-stop entertainment for all age groups. Alongside the breathtaking rides, you can enjoy the charm of vibrant live shows, explore the park's captivating themed areas, and partake in seasonal events. There’s excitement at every corner, ensuring Flambards Theme Park is a hit with both the adrenaline seekers and young explorers. Be sure to cater to your taste buds at the park’s variety of food options for an all-rounded fun, thrilling day out!

Mullion Cove

Situated a stone's throw from Helston, Cornwall, Mullion Cove is an undiscovered jewel of the coast ideal for anyone in search of serenity. The arresting beauty of the sparkling waters against the backdrop of the cliff landscape provides an unparalleled view. Pause for leisurely walks and picnics atop the coastal paths, or simply luxuriate on the sandy shores. Photography enthusiasts won’t miss the chance to capture the essence of the cove, where raw cliff scapes blend with the tranquility of the ocean waves. Whether you yearn for an idyllic retreat or an unspoilt haven for landscape photography, Mullion Cove is a place of enchantment and serenity.

Goonhilly Downs Nature Reserve

For an immersive outdoor experience, discover Goonhilly Downs Nature Reserve in Helston, Cornwall. A haven of biodiversity, the reserve shelters an assortment of flora and fauna, making it ideal for nature enthusiasts. Look out for the local bird populace, rare plant species, and elusive butterflies. Walking trails traverse throughout, guiding visitors through the picturesque and quiet landscapes. This tranquil reserve offers you a peek into Cornwall's rich natural heritage and countryside charm. Don’t forget to bring along your binoculars and camera to encapsulate the wild beauty offered by Goonhilly Downs Nature Reserve.


Helston, Cornwall, a quaint town known for its charming aesthetic, houses several splendid gardens and parks. These refuges provide respite from the daily grind, allowing an intimate interaction with nature and admiration of finely manicured landscapes. Visitors have the chance to encounter a range of plant types, colorful flower exhibitions, and serene walking routes. Helston's gardens and parks are meticulously kept up and offer a tranquil setting for guests to unwind and de-stress.

Trebah Garden

A prized jewel in Helston's trove of attractions is the captivating Trebah Garden. Occupying 26 acres, this subtropical haven presents awe-inspiring coastal panoramas and a rich array of unique plants species. Guests are invited to enjoy gentle ambles through the garden, traversing winding routes revealing hidden nooks and calm streams. Trebah Garden also features a private beach, allowing for sun-soaked relaxation amid the stunning scenery. Exhibiting vibrant hues, calming atmosphere, and natural splendor, Trebah Garden is indeed a precious treasure of Helston.

Penrose Estate

Situated near Helston, the breathtaking Penrose Estate offers a splendid rural refuge. This expansive realm boasts a combination of forests, farmland, and an attractive lake set against a backdrop of undulating hills. Offering various walking and cycling paths, this estate enables exploration of its grand and scenic terrain. Affectionately called home by diverse wildlife, including rare birds and brilliantly colored wildflowers, Penrose Estate provides a serene and eye-catching landscape, making it an essential visit for peace seekers and nature lovers.

Trelissick Garden

Located near Helston, Trelissick Garden is a recognized sanctuary for plant lovers, blending striking landscapes with an intriguing history. Encompassing over 30 acres, this National Trust property impresses with broad views of the Fal River and an exclusive assortment of exotic plants globally. Guests are invited to traverse the garden's picturesque trails, uncover hidden terraces, and admire the vivid, flower-laden expanses. Trelissick Garden also hosts a delightful Georgian mansion, providing an interesting look into the region's history. Offering a tranquil exploration through its lush corners or a historic journey, Trelissick Garden presents a pleasing escapade for all.


The Cornish town of Helston envelops an array of stunning beaches, each providing a unique blend of relaxation, natural beauty, and adventure. From chilling in the sun, savoring the waves, to unearthing coastal treasures, Helston's diverse shores cater to all beach fantasies. As one marvels at the sandy stretch and craggy coves, the splendid allure of the coastal landscape is apparent. Visitors could revel in the sunlight at the picturesque Gunwalloe beach, famous for clear waters and golden sands. For a surfing utopia, Porthleven beach serves as a perfect match with its breathtaking locale. Spiraling away in a tranquil corner, the serene Church Cove, skirted by grassy cliffs, welcomes those in pursuit of silent retreats. With its spectrum of shorelines, Helston emerges as a beach-vacation paradise.

Gunwalloe Beach

A cherished locale amid Helston's beach enthusiasts, Gunwalloe Beach, boasts flawless golden sands brushed by sparkling, clear waters. Its sandy stretch is hugged by towering cliffs and dunes, orchestrating a tranquil seclusion that enhances the natural allure. The beach landscape is punctuated with unique rock formations, including the iconic "Church Cove Arch," adding to the scenic grandeur. A paradise for families, Gunwalloe provides spacious areas for enjoying picnics and engaging in sand games. A lifeguard facility ensures a safe summer beach experience. Whether you wish to soak in the sun or probe the exotic formations, Gunwalloe beach invites you with its hidden coastal charm.

Porthleven Beach

Near the Cornish town of Helston, lies Porthleven Beach, a awe-inspiring coastal retreat. The sands of Porthleven encompass a glorious view of the sea and the charming Porthleven village. Rugged cliffs and coastal trails paint a tranquil, scenic backdrop, offering an idyllic escape for those seeking peace. Surfers from all walks of live find this beach irresistible due to its perfect surfing conditions. As it hosts several prestigious surfing competitions, it shines as a mecca for extreme water sports enthusiasts. Leisure strolls, low-tide rock pool explorations, or simply basking in the coastal grandeur are patron activities amongst its visitors. Porthleven Beach offers an unparalleled location to unwind, sync with nature, and feel the sea's thrill.

Church Cove

Enclosed by verdant cliffs, near the town of Helston, the serene Church Cove hides in the heart of Cornwall's beach repertoire. This secluded haven enchants beach lovers with its impeccable sands, clear turquoise waters, and pure natural charm. The nearby St Wynwallow Church bestows a historic appeal to the region. During low tide, an underwater world teems with life within captivating rock pools, a delightful sight for aspiring oceanographers and inquisitive adventurers. Church Cove provides an oasis to break from city bustle, where one can surrender to the rhythmic waves and absorb the tranquil peace of nature.


Immerse yourself in the flavorful world of local food and drink in Helston, Cornwall. A mecca for gastronomers, this town offers a plentiful and diverse array of culinary delights. Whether you're seeking the comforting taste of Cornish classics or the adventuring into international dishes, Helston caters to all tastes. Explore the joy of fresh seafood pulled from the area’s waters, or satisfy your cravings with the authentic savour of Cornish pasties. Sip on potent local ciders or ales to round off your meals. With its vibrant food and drinks scene, Helston is an essential stop for anyone with an appreciation for food.

The Fisherman's Arms

The Fisherman's Arms, a quaint pub located in the heart of Helston, promises a memorable dining experience. Situated in a historic edifice, it's known for its inviting hospitality and homely ambiance. The menu is a collection of dishes, primarily made from locally procured ingredients - centered around fresh seafood. Immerse yourself in the old-world charm of the pub while enjoying a hearty, satisfying meal. Serving both traditional pub classics and novel culinary experiences, The Fisherman's Arms is a perfect setting for any meal in this charming town.

The Blue Anchor

Enveloped within Helston's core, The Blue Anchor is a pub with an impressive history, cherished by both local denizens and visitors. Known for its variety of real ales and classic Cornish dishes, this centuries-old establishment exudes a warmth that is truly contagious. Amid this vibrant setting, patrons relish their food and drinks, enhancing the atmosphere with their camaraderie. The mellifluous strains of live music only add to the lively spirit. Whether sampling local brew or savoring traditional Cornish meals, there's always a reason to visit The Blue Anchor if you're a fan of food and beverage culture.

The Cornish Hen

In the charming backdrop of Helston, Cornwall, you'll discover The Cornish Hen - an enchanting café and restaurant. A lesser-known treasure, it offers a singular dining experience, focused on utilizing fresh, locally sourced produce. The menu is abundant with a mix of Cornish and Mediterranean-inspired dishes, ensuring all dietary preferences are catered to. Unwind in its snug interior or bask in the ambiance of its alfresco dining area. Popular for its welcoming service and delectable menu offerings, The Cornish Hen is often the top choice for food-lovers, both living locally and those visiting from further afield.


Helston, steeped in a vibrant tapestry of festivals and events, pulses with activities all year round, catering to both locals and visitors alike. Ranging from age-old customs to music revelries and farming exhibitions, it's never a dull moment in this bustling town. These events serve as a spotlight on Helston's rich heritage, offering a platform for everyone to bask in the town's culture and have a splendid time. Whether you crave the spectacle of Flora Day's colourful parades, grooving to live tunes at Helstonbury Music Festival, or you're in awe of the varied livestock and farming displays at the Helston Agricultural Show, there's an event tailored to each hobby and curiosity.

Flora Day

Marking an annual rite of spring on May 8th in Helston, Cornwall, Flora Day is held dear by residents. The town bustles with cheer as locals and tourists convene to welcome spring's bloom. Central to the day's merriment is the famed Flora Dance, where pairs in formal attire animate the streets with traditional dances. Streets burst into colour with stunning floral displays and lush greenery, offering an idyllic backdrop for the revelry. Immerse yourself in the local customs, observe age-old traditions, and soak up the festive air that pervades the town during Flora Day.

Helstonbury Music Festival

The Helstonbury Music Festival, a summer staple, is an absolute crowd-pleaser for music aficionados. Hosted yearly, this dynamic festival unites gifted artists from myriad genres to delight the audience. The festival sprawls across Helston, with performances echoing from pubs, clubs, and alfresco stages, offering an eclectic array of shows. Catering to a broad range of musical inclinations, from rock and pop to folk and jazz, there truly is something for everyone. The Helstonbury Music Festival is a marvelous chance to uncover up-and-coming artists, champion local performers, and groove into the small hours in an exhilarating setting.

Helston Agricultural Show

The Helston Agricultural Show is a celebration of Cornwall's agricultural finesse and bucolic traditions. This yearly July festivity pulls in farmers, breeders, and enthusiasts from all corners. Visitors can delve into an array of exhibits, featuring livestock contests, horse shows, and display of farming equipment. Additionally, stalls loaded with local crafts, produce, and gastronomical delights await visitors. The Helston Agricultural Show is a singular chance to delve into the region's farming past, connect with the agrarian community and admire the expertise and commitment fundamental to the country lifestyle.

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