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Things to do in Camborne, Cornwall

The busy town of Camborne, nestled within the scenic beauty of Cornwall, houses numerous historical locations reflective of its intriguing history. Among these, the Camborne Museum, a sanctuary for the town's past, holds a vast treasure of exhibits and relics. The Dolcoath Mine also stands out as a monument to Cornwall's rich mining background. Once the deepest tin mine in the region, the site is now an educational adventure into Camborne's critical role in the mining industry. Finally, the Basset Monument stands tall, paying homage to Francis Basset and his profound influence on the town. These landmarks enrich Camborne with an immersive exploration into its unique heritage.

Camborne Museum

Regarded as an essential stop for history buffs visiting Camborne, Cornwall, the Camborne Museum presents a rich tapestry of the town's history and its pivotal role in mining. The museum's sprawling compilation includes physical artifacts, historical snapshots, and engaging interactive displays. Each of these pieces offers an insightful view into Camborne's rich past. The museum's exhibits range from mining machinery to vital documents - reflecting a profound narrative of the town's historical landscape. Whether dwelling into the miners' daily lives or exploring the mining sector's societal influence, the Camborne Museum offers an enriching encounter with yesteryears.

Dolcoath Mine

Located in the heart of Camborne, Cornwall, the Dolcoath Mine embodies it's rich mining history. Celebrated as Cornwall's deepest and richest tin mine, this historical location gives visitors an immersive spelunking journey to appreciate the miners' hardships. Nestled amidst the mine's foundations are illustrative exhibits showcasing the distinctive mining strategies employed over the years. Visitors are invited to step into the lives of Cornwall's miners through guided tours. Resounding with the echoes of Camborne's mining legacy, Dolcoath Mine fosters a deeper respect for the industrious spirit of Cornwall's mining past.

Basset Monument

The Basset Monument, proudly standing within Camborne, Cornwall, is an embodiment of the influence of Francis Basset. Strategically placed at The Cross, this imposing figure honors the contributions Basset bestowed on the town during his reign as a mine owner. Its masterfully crafted structure towers above, alluring a sense of grandeur and refinement. The monument's architectural prowess invites visitors to admire its majesty and soak in the historical relevance it symbolises. Whether a history aficionado or an admirer of splendid landmarks, the Basset Monument is an unmissable spectacle in the heart of Camborne.

Outdoor Activities

When visiting the picturesque town of Camborne in Cornwall, an array of thrilling outdoor activities awaits, nestled amidst its captivating natural environs and parks. Among these, the expansive Tehidy Country Park, stretching over 250 acres of land, is a particular favourite, boasting scenic lakes, meadows, and woodlands. A host of recreational pursuits await, from traversing multiple hiking paths, mountain biking, or tranquil nature appreciation. Pendarves Woodland Park, a lesser-known but equally delightful destination, is home to age-old forests and a rich tapestry of wildlife varieties. In this natural sanctuary, birdwatching enthusiasts can observe an array of species and during the spring season, the blossoming bluebells make for a mesmerising spectacle. The thrill-seekers should not miss out on a trip to Carn Brea, a place offering exciting rock climbing adventures and panoramic countryside vistas from the hilltop. Lastly, a rich exploration of Cornwall's diverse terrain awaits on the Coast to Coast Trail, a walking path that begins at Portreath on the northern coast and culminates at Devoran on the southern coast. If you are a nature enthusiast, Camborne has something for everyone.

Tehidy Country Park

Located in Camborne, Cornwall, Tehidy Country Park is a splendid outdoor recreational space sprawling over 250 acres of picturesque surroundings. It proposes a plentitude of engaging activities for visitors. Hiking and cycling enthusiasts can venture on the expansive network of trails that meander through serene woods, meadows and alongside calming lake vistas. It also offers hidden picnic spots for a serene day out or places to unwind by the lakeshore. Bird lovers will appreciate the park's facilities for birdwatching, including a bird hide that overlooks a lake. This park with its breathtaking natural beauty and various recreational opportunities, serves as a true sanctuary for lovers of the outdoors.

Pendarves Woodland Park

Pendarves Woodland Park is a serene retreat tucked away in Camborne, Cornwall. This enchanting realm, rich with ancient forests, provides visitors with a peaceful reconnection with nature. Walking trails weave tranquilly throughout, beneath towering trees and resonating with melodious birdsong. This park is famed for its profusion of springtime-bluebells, a sight to behold. A diverse range of bird species reside here, attracting birdwatchers hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive kingfisher. Pendarves Woodland Park presents an enticing destination for tranquility seekers and nature lovers.

Carn Brea

Carn Brea, a notable hilltop spot in Camborne, Cornwall, offers various outdoor pursuits along with scenic landscape views. As one ascends the hill, panoramic vistas of the surrounding countryside open up, making it a prime location for photographers and nature enthusiasts. Adventure aficionados can enjoy rock climbing adventures on the granite outcrops scattered across the landscape. Carn Brea also features historical remnants including an ancient hill fort and a monument, providing interest for history buffs. Whether for the stunning views, the range of exciting outdoor pursuits or the historical intrigue, Carn Brea is a top recommendation for visitors to Camborne.

Coast to Coast Trail

The Coast to Coast Trail provides an exhilarating outdoor journey spanning the diverse landscapes of Cornwall. Starting from Portreath on the northern coast, ending in Devoran on the south, this walking trail immerses hikers in the region's natural splendour. Along this trail, one comes across picturesque hamlets, breathtaking coastal views, and charming woodland settings. A well-marked path makes this trail accessible to walkers of varying experience levels. The trail is a haven of diverse plant and animal species native to Cornwall. The Coast to Coast Trail is an absolute must for outdoor lovers eager to experience the beauty of Cornwall in an intimate and exciting way.


Embark on a journey through the diverse cultural experiences Camborne, Cornwall has to offer. The city is rich in history, educational centers, and places dedicated to literature, catering to a variety of interests. Take part in the top-notch education provided by Camborne School of Mines, known for its emphasis on geology and mining. Dive into the intriguing past of mining and how it shaped the region. Heartlands serves as a cultural hotspot, where you can immerse yourself in the local history through interactive displays and outdoor engagements. Camborne Library invites book enthusiasts to dive into a world of words with its vast literary offerings and host of cultural activities. Experience first-hand the cultural richness of Camborne's numerous offerings.

Camborne School of Mines

Step into the esteemed academic atmosphere of the Camborne School of Mines (CSM) in Camborne, Cornwall. With a history dating back to the 19th century, CSM has played an instrumental role in the local mining industry. Presently, it prides itself on being at the forefront in the areas of mining, geology, and the earth sciences. The school's innovative facilities and accomplished faculty provide an all-encompassing academic and practical education. Whether your interest lies in embarking on a career within the mining industry or you have a general interest in geology, a visit to Camborne School of Mines should be added to your itinerary.


Experience the dynamic cultural center known as Heartlands, nestled in Camborne, Cornwall. This award-winning hub is teeming with heritage, creativity, and outdoor adventure. Located on a former mine site, Heartlands offers a multitude of attractions to appeal to visitors of all ages. Engage with the interactive exhibits that narrate the region's rich history, journey into an historical mine shaft at Botallack, and roam the lush outdoor spaces, including gardens and woodland trails. Get involved in the various workshops and events aimed at celebrating the local culture. Heartlands offers a blend of history, art, and stunning scenery that make it an essential stop in Camborne.

Camborne Library

Enter the world of literature and culture at the Camborne Library in the center of Camborne, Cornwall. The library holds an extensive array of books, periodicals, and digital offerings tailored to cater to myriad interests and age groups. Be it your love for classic novels, study materials for academic pursuits, or the quest for a new engaging read, Camborne Library aims to satisfy. In addition, frequent cultural events like author presentations, book clubs, and skill-development workshops provide a vibrant community experience. Step into the calm ambience of the Camborne Library, and let yourself be swept away into the wonderful universe of literature and thought.


From trendy boutiques to recognized high-street shops, Camborne provides a diverse shopping landscape and many marketplaces to sate every savvy shopper. Scope out the local markets brimming with home-grown goods, vintage finds and handmade crafts. Whether you’re on a quest for unique trinkets, fresh foodstuffs or memorable keepsakes, Camborne caters to every tourist's taste. Immerse yourself in the charming town's vibrancy as you meander through its busy lanes, perusing various stalls and unveiling the hidden delights of Camborne.

Camborne Market

Renowned as a vibrant cultural hub, Camborne Market should be on every visitor’s Camborne tour itinerary for its eclectic mix of merchandise and competitive prices. Situated in the town centre, the market features an array of goods from fresh produce to handmade crafts to one-of-a-kind mementos. Complementing the shopping experience, a multitude of street-food stalls serve mouth-watering snacks and meals. Engage in friendly haggling with the amiable local vendors and secure the best deals. With its lively ambience and varied merchandise, Camborne Market is a shopaholic's haven for locals and tourists alike.

Trevithick Market

As one of Camborne's best-loved shopping spots, Trevithick Market is named in honour of the renowned engineer, Richard Trevithick. Known for its selection of antiques and unique vintage items, collectors and treasure hunters can browse through an array of old books, retro clothing, and distinctive homeware. Nestled within an enchanting historic setting, Trevithick Market's immersive atmosphere enhances the shopping experience. Take your time exploring the various wares, seizing the chance to find a hidden gem at this beloved market.

Trelowarren Street

Trelowarren Street in Camborne is a bustling shopping area flaunting a blend of familiar retailers and unique, local boutiques. The street offers an assortment of fashion outlets, art galleries, gift stores, and more, all bathed in a buzzing vibe of locals and tourists alike. Stroll along the lively Trelowarren Street, discover distinctive items, and shop for locally-crafted goods and chic clothing. With its rich mix of traditional and contemporary stores, Trelowarren Street is truly a haven for those who relish retail therapy.


Foodies will find Camborne a gastronomic delight, with choices ranging from Cornish traditional delicacies to snug cafes and customary pubs, all designed to appeal to a variety of palates. Experience Cornish gastronomy, famous for its hearty stews and pasties, or indulge in fresh seafood offerings. Celebrated for a variety of delicious local dishes like the Cornish pasties, cream teas, and saffron cake, the town is a true testament to Cornish culinary prowess. Historical pubs in the area provide an intimate atmosphere paired with a diverse selection of locally-crafted ales and ciders for avid patrons. For those hankering for their daily coffee fix, numerous quaint coffee shops and tea rooms serve a comforting cup of tea or freshly brewed coffee.

Local Cornish Cuisine

Newcomers and food enthusiasts alike are bound to revel in the diverse food landscape Camborne offers. Well-known for local dishes that reflect the region's culinary richness, the town offers food voyages that won’t forget. Start with the perennial favorite Cornish pasty—a savory pastry stuffed with meat, potatoes, and vegetables. Next, try the cream tea, a delightful combination of scones, clotted cream, and jam. For dessert, don't miss the Cornish saffron cake, a unique delicacy infused with saffron, currants, and spices. Explore the town's many eateries to unearth a smorgasbord of these and other delectable Cornish goodies.

Traditional Pubs

Home to a handful of traditional pubs, Camborne offers an enticing insight into pub culture. These establishments offer a perfect blend of comfort and charm, making it an ideal spot for a casual drink or meal. Enjoy local ales or ciders, all set within historical settings and accompanied by friendly conversations with locals. On the menu, you'll often find traditional pub food options such as fish and chips, burgers, and robust stews. Be it for beer enthusiasts or wishful visitors conjuring up a traditional English pub experience, Camborne’s pubs should be on the must-visit list.

Coffee Shops and Tea Rooms

Coffee seekers or those in need of a peaceful haven will find Camborne lined with a variety of coffee shops and tea rooms. With relaxing and friendly vibes, these locales offer the perfect spot for your caffeine fix or a midday respite. Sample a selection of specialty coffees or opt for the quintessentially British breakfast tea. Many of these establishments also house a selection of cakes, pastries, and sandwiches, making them fitting landing spots for a quick bite or a leisurely afternoon tea. No matter whether you're a coffee aficionado or a tea enthusiast, these cafes and tea rooms in Camborne guarantee to hit the spot.


Immerse yourself in the dynamic arts and entertainment scene that Camborne has to offer. With an array of theaters and art galleries, the town caters to a multitude of interests. Savor live performances, fascinating exhibitions, or simply marvel at stunning pieces of art. Relish in the unique artistic vibe that permeates through the town and experience a host of cultural spectacles that will captivate your senses and spark your imagination.

Regal Theatre

For avid fans of theater, a visit to the historic Regal Theatre in Camborne is not to be missed. Hosting a wide variety of performances from dramas to concerts and comedy acts, this grand establishment, with a capacity of over 600 seats, provides a stellar experience for performers and audience alike. It's an institution steeped in rich history dating back to its inception in 1935, and remains a vibrant bastion of culture in the town. Don't forget to check the schedule for performances during your stay.

The Acorn

Rediscover Camborne's local talent at The Acorn, another cultural gem in the town. Welcoming and warm, this venue is dedicated to promoting the local art scene with an array of performances. From exhilarating live music and stand-up comedy acts to theatrical shows and contemporary dance performances, The Acorn offers a myriad of entertainment options. Its cosy ambience ensures an engaging experience for the attendees, making it a favored destination for both locals and tourists. Be sure to explore their event schedule.

Art Galleries

Marvel at the incredible art galleries that are the pride and joy of Camborne's art scene. These exhibitors showcase a vibrant array of both modern and classical art pieces, spanning the realms of painting, sculpture, ceramics, and more. Here, you can encounter stunning masterpieces crafted by both local talents, and reputable name from around the globe. These galleries act as a testament to creative expression and also allow you to acquire unique pieces of artwork. Whether you are an art aficionado or simply an admirer of beauty, an exploration of Camborne's galleries is sure to enthral you.


Camborne, Cornwall, is rich with a diverse selection of natural and wildlife sanctuaries waiting to be discovered by visitors. Whether you're drawn to the allure of awe-inspiring coastal terrains or the serenity of lush, undisturbed woodlands, there's something tailored to every nature aficionado's preferences. Highlights like Godrevy Head are non-negotiable stops on any nature lover's itinerary, boasting stunning coastal vistas and a wealth of birds calling its craggy cliffs home. You can dive into tranquility while strolling through Tehidy Woods - the most expansive woodland in West Cornwall - harmonizing with the variety of forest life that resides there. History buffs and bird watchers alike can lose themselves in the charm of Gwennap Pit, an open-air amphitheater that effortlessly blends historical fascination and natural beauty.

Godrevy Head

Nestled in Camborne, Cornwall, Godrevy Head is a treasure trove for nature enthusiasts. The arresting spectacle of rugged cliffs against transparent waters is a sight for sore eyes, drawing visitors in from afar. The myriad of bird species, from adorable puffins to cunning cormorants, have set up home on these steep inclines, adding to its allure. An encounter with seals and dolphins is also not uncommon here. The majestic Godrevy Lighthouse, reigning over a petite strip of land off the coast, is the cherry on top, enhancing the headland's picturesque appeal. Soaking up the passing landscapes with a gentle stroll along the coastal path is a must-do for every visitor wanting to unwind amidst nature.

Tehidy Woods

As West Cornwall's most expansive projection of woodland, Tehidy Woods in Camborne, Cornwall, is a sanctuary for anyone seeking a nature-filled escape. It offers an immersive journey into the wild with over 250 acres of woodland waiting to be explored. The meticulously maintained paths promise walks of peace and discovery whilst ponds hidden within its expanses tease adventurous spirits. A diverse cast of wildlife including venerable oak trees, sweetly scented bluebells, and an assortment of birds call Tehidy Woods their home. It’s a perfect haven for a picnic, a cycling expedition, or even a horse ride, offering tranquil moments amidst nature’s wonder.

Gwennap Pit

Home to both natural allure and historical significance, Gwennap Pit in Camborne, Cornwall, promises a unique journey back in time. Occupying a former mining site, this natural amphitheater offers a rare glimpse into Camborne's mining legacy. Its steep edgings act as natural sanctuaries for various bird species, making it an enticing locale for birdwatching. Summer months paint the pit in a riot of colors as wildflowers bloom in abundance, drawing an array of butterflies and bees. Gwennap Pit is a calming space, inviting visitors to drink in its tranquility while mulling over its rich historical narrative.


Camborne presents a plethora of sports and recreational pursuits for locals and tourists alike. Options span from rugby to cricket, through to golf, appealing to a wide array of preferences. Whether you're a spectator or a player, Camborne has something to offer every sports enthusiast. So, gear up to engage in an active pastime and exploit the myriad of possibilities that Camborne extends to you!

Camborne Rugby Club

Revered as an esteemed institution within the community, The Camborne Rugby Club has stood the test of time since 1878. Commanding a large fan base and a contingent of committed players, the Club accommodates both men's and women's teams. Catering to different age groups and experience levels, it offers an inclusive space for rugby amateurs and experts alike. The Camborne Rugby Club represents a warm, supportive platform to relish the excitement of rugby.

Camborne Cricket Club

Cricket lovers convene at the Camborne Cricket Club, a fulcrum of the cricket scene, and a pillar of Camborne's sporting heritage since its inception in 1864. Providing various platforms for competitive and recreational cricket, it features teams competing across several leagues. The Club's impressive amenities and vivacious social atmosphere make it a magnet for cricket aficionados to congregate and celebrate the game.

Golf Courses

Camborne and its surrounding areas offer golf devotees a choice of delightful courses. Suitable for rookies and veterans alike, there's a course to cater to all proficiency levels. The impeccably groomed fairways set against breathtaking landscapes provide a visually striking experience. So, grasp your clubs, venture to a local course, and experience an unforgettable day on the greens.


In proximity to an array of renowned Cornwall attractions, Camborne is aptly situated. A quick drive away lies St. Ives, a scenic seaside town that houses a plethora of sublime beaches, captivating coastal trails, and a lively arts scene. Visitors have the option to investigate its quaint cobbled streets, attend art exhibitions, or indulge in the serenity of the seashore. Just as close is Land's End, where travelers can immerse themselves in the visual feast of jagged cliffs, panoramic vistas of the Atlantic, and pose for photos at the celebrated signpost. Lastly, ecophiles would not want to miss the Eden Project, about 30 miles from Camborne, a globally acclaimed ecological marvel that encompasses biomes teeming with worldwide vegetation, instructive exhibits, and outdoor spaces flourishing with a diverse ecosystem.

St. Ives

Nestled near Camborne, St. Ives is a picturesque coastal town offering a diverse array of attractions. With its breathtaking beaches like Porthmeor, Porthminster, and Carbis Bay, it's a haven for sun-worshippers, water sport enthusiasts, and those looking for a refreshing dip. The town's thriving art scene features many a gallery highlighting local talent, with Tate St. Ives being a standout for modern and contemporary works. The St. Ives Museum, an historical gem, delves into the town's seafaring past. A stroll down the town's charming lanes, teeming with quaint shops, cafes, and eateries, is an experience that all visitors can savor.

Land's End

Land's End, readily accessible from Camborne, is a captivating destination that epitomizes adventure. Know for being mainland England's westernmost tip, it spoils visitors with awe-inspiring coastal views and a multitude of engaging attractions. Its towering granite cliffs yield mesmerizing views of the Atlantic, best enjoyed while embarking upon scenic walks on the South West Coast Path. Among its attractions is the Land's End Landmark, featuring a visitor center, shops, and eateries. The iconic signpost beckons tourists for a memento photograph of a lifetime. Land's End integrates entertainment and education, offering interactive displays, a 4D cinema, and the opportunity to acquaint oneself with farm animals at Greeb Farm.

The Eden Project

A short journey from Camborne takes you to the globally celebrated Eden Project. This unparalleled ecological attraction is a testament to nature's wonders, promising an indelible experience for all. The heartbeat of the Eden Project is its massive domes, each replicating different climates that host a spectrum of green inhabitants, ranging from rainforests to Mediterranean landscapes. A trek through these domes ensures a fascinating peek at Earth's botanical breath. Outside, expect a treasure trove of diverse plants, including rare and foreign species. The Eden Project goes beyond visual stimulation, hosting informative displays and events propelling green practices and environmental sensitivity. With awe-inspiring structures, conservation emphasis, and an enchanting display of flora, the Eden Project stands as an essential stopover in Cornwall.


Throughout the year, Camborne, pulsating with its unique blend of old and new cultures, offers a host of fascinating events and festivals. These lively experiences cater to locals and visitors, offering a plethora of entertainment choices. Experiencing these cultural showcases, featuring music, dance, gastronomy, and engaging communities, is to witness Camborne at its most energetic. From the vibrant Camborne Carnival and the commemorative Trevithick Day to the captivating Mazey Day celebrations, these occasions embody the unique vitality and communal spirit of Camborne.

Camborne Carnival

Marking the social pulse of the town, the annual Camborne Carnival draws both local residents and visitors from afar. A parade of decorated floats, decked out in their fineries and resounding with lively music, navigates the city streets, creating an electrifying environment that captures interest. Spectators cheerfully applaud the participants along the route, enthralled by the spectacle of creativity and community spirit on display. Participate in the celebration, marvel at the artistry of the floats, and delight in the dynamic atmosphere at this cherished event.

Trevithick Day

As a tribute to Richard Trevithick, Camborne’s reputable inventor and engineer, Trevithick Day celebrates the town's significant industrial heritage and showcases the innovative spirit of its citizens. As part of the annual event, visitors can admire the grandeur of the steam engines, take part in historical reenactments, and investigate the influence of mining and engineering on the region. The echoes of the bygone era come alive through participants donned in period clothing, accurately portraying the town’s history. Trevithick Day epitomizes Camborne's interesting past, allowing visitors a glimpse into a bygone era and emphasizing the town's indispensable contribution to Cornwall's Industrial Revolution.

Mazey Day

Mazey Day, a dynamic festival celebrating the arts, music, and culture, is a pulsating event on the Camborne calendar. This event brings a plethora of local artists, performers, and musicians to the forefront, offering an array of creative experiences. The town morphs into a vibrant extravaganza with parades, performances, and bustling markets. Participate in Mazey Day and soak in the creative aura of the community, with diverse activities catering to all age groups. Explore artisans' wares, delight in live performances, wander through art exhibits, and relish the range of food on offer. Mazey Day promises an unforgettable and enjoyable experience, ensuring all attendees leave with cherished memories.

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