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Equestrian Holidays in Cornwall

Horse riding holidays in Cornwall are an exceptional and exhilarating adventure for equine fans. Regardless of your riding skills, from novice to adept, Cornwall presents a striking setting for equestrian pursuits. As a county renowned for its scenic landscapes, dramatic coastal trails, and rich cultural history, Cornwall makes for an ideal location to venture on horseback. Horse riders can take in Cornwall's exquisite natural surroundings during tranquil beach rides or more exciting journeys across the rural terrain, relishing the excitement of equestrianism to its fullest.

Embarking on an equestrian holiday unites the adrenaline rush of horse riding with the calmness of a leisure getaway. In Cornwall, these unique vacations offer riders the chance to discover the county's multifaceted landscapes, spanning rugged coastlines to verdant countryside. You can engage in an assortment of equestrian activities, including guided trail rides, horseback riding lessons, comprehensive training programs, and immersion in local equestrian events and contests. Cornwall's offerings cater to all, whether you're a novice yearning for a mild exposure to equestrianism or an accomplished rider in search of greater challenges.

Cornwall as a Destination

Cornwall stands as a mesmerizing choice for horse riding holidays, celebrated for its bewitching natural allure and profound cultural heritage. Boasting an attractive coastline, sun-kissed sandy beaches, and charming hamlets, this county presents an idyllic panorama for all horse riding expeditions. Cornwall is also replete with top-tier equestrian centers and stables, hosting excellent facilities and well-schooled equines. Beyond its inherent attractiveness, Cornwall takes pride in its lively local customs, with a myriad of historical landmarks to explore, quintessential villages to tour, and savory local dishes to relish. Dive into the enchanting charisma of Cornwall by creating enduring memories on your equine holiday.


Organizing an exciting horse-riding holiday in Cornwall requires careful thought. Firstly, consider the perfect time to visit. Cornwall boasts a temperate climate, making the summer months the top choice for horse-riding enthusiasts. Next, choose the most appropriate accommodation for a pleasant stay. Cornwall offers a variety of options, from hotels catering to equestrian demands, welcoming guesthouses, to self-sufficed cottages. Lastly, identify the proper equestrian centers that offer excellent facilities and expert instructors. Cornwall possesses a spectrum of centers that provide lessons, guided rides, and personalized training modules for riders across the board. Thoughtful organization will optimize your unforgettable equestrian experience in Cornwall.

Choosing the Right Time to Visit

Picking the most favorable time to visit Cornwall for your horse-riding holiday can greatly enhance your overall experience. Summers in Cornwall, typically between June and September, have extended daylight, warm climate, and reduced rainfall. These conditions are perfect for horseback explorations of Cornwall's picturesque coastal and countryside trails. Alternatively, if you prefer tranquility, spring or autumn may provide a quieter but still enjoyable experience, with moderate weather and fewer fellow tourists. It's important to note that Cornwall's winters can be quite chilly and wet, therefore, you are better off planning your visit during the more pleasant months to fully enjoy your equestrian adventure.

Selecting the Best Accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation for your horse-riding holiday in Cornwall is vital to ensure your comfort and convenience. Plenty of options catering to varying preferences and budgets are available in Cornwall. Luxurious hotels and grand country manors that are horse-riding-friendly offer top-quality facilities and services. For those who prefer cozy and homey surroundings, self-catered cottages or farmhouses can provide the freedom and familiarity you seek. Guesthouses and bed and breakfasts near equestrian centers also offer convenience for those keen to stay near their horse-riding locations. Factors to consider while choosing accommodation include the proximity to riding trails, available stabling facilities, and any personal needs you may have to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable equestrian holiday.

Finding Suitable Equestrian Centres

Locating suitable equestrian centres is central to your horse-riding holiday plan in Cornwall. Luckily, Cornwall houses a variety of centers that cater to riders of all skills levels, from novices to experts. It's important to reflect on what you aim to achieve when selecting a center. Some specialize in guided trail rides, allowing you to explore the magnificent coastal trails or scenic countryside of Cornwall. Others focus on lessons and specialized training programs, offering structured teaching to enhance your riding aptitude. When selecting a center, qualifications of the instructors, the well-being of the horses, and safety measures should be thoroughly considered. Reviewing testimonials and recommendations can provide important information in making your decision. With the right equestrian center, you can expect a safe and thrilling horse-riding experience during your holiday in Cornwall.


Cornwall presents a varied array of horseback riding trails for those who are passionate about equestrian experiences. From magnificent coastal rides to striking countryside paths, there's a route for every type of rider. These trails offer an opportunity to soak in Cornwall's natural charm while embarking on a thrilling equine adventure. Whether you're drawn to a relaxed coastal ride or a stimulating countryside journey, Cornwall caters to every preference. So, it's time to strap on your boots, mount up, and explore the awe-inspiring equestrian trails that Cornwall showcases.

Coastal Routes

Coastal routes in Cornwall promise stunning panoramas and heart-racing rides along the rugged Cornish coastline. Equestrians can gallop across sandy shores, amble along cliff edges, and canter amidst picturesque inlets. Favourite coastal routes encompass the Cornish Way, a dedicated cycle path that can be customized for equestrian adventure, offering dramatic views of the vast Atlantic Ocean. Another significant route is the South West Coast Path, featuring demanding terrains and awe-inspiring scenes of coastal landscapes. With the harmonious sounds of waves crashing and seaside air filling your senses, traversing Cornwall's coastal paths is an experience you'll never forget.

Countryside Paths

The bucolic paths of Cornwall offer a peaceful backdrop for horseback rides. These trails meander through undulating hills, quaint hamlets, and verdant land stretching across the horizon. Equestrians can delve into the enchanting Cornish countryside, savouring the tranquillity it envelops. Notable greener pastures include the Bodmin Moor Trail, leading riders across the untamed and rugged terrain of Bodmin Moor, and the Camel Trail, a converted railway track now providing a picturesque multi-purpose trail suitable for horseback riding. With a tapestry of diverse terrain and striking landscapes, Cornwall's bucolic paths are an idyllic haven for those seeking serenity and beauty on their riding journey.

Exploring Historic Sites on Horseback

For aficionados of history, traversing historic structures on horseback in Cornwall provides a unique plunge into the past. Riders can journey through centuries as they savour ancient fortresses, remnants of monasteries, and medieval hamlets. A well-liked trail is the Tamar Valley Discovery Trail, leading riders through the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, exposing the area's rich mining heritage. Beyond that, riders can explore notable landmarks such as Tintagel Castle, steeped in the lore of King Arthur, and Pendennis Castle, renowned for its sweeping coastal views. A horseback ride through Cornwall's historic sites provides an amalgamation of equestrian passion and an intriguing journey into the region's captivating history.


Equestrian Holidays in Cornwall host a thorough horse riding and training regimen customized for novices and seasoned riders alike. Our seasoned coaches offer tailor-made instructions that cater to each individual's objectives. Emphasizing safety and correct technique, the far-reaching curriculum covers horse handling, grooming, tacking up, and general riding skills. We furnish a multitude of lesson forms, inclusive of private and group teachings, catering to a range of learning preferences. Our training programs are contrived to provoke and motivate participants where our tutors employ assorted practices to foster progress and advancement. From horse riding novices to seasoned equine enthusiasts, our lessons and training implementations will promote your equestrian abilities and lay a solid foundation in horsemanship.

Beginner Lessons

The beginner courses at Equestrian Holidays in Cornwall are tailored for those with limited or no prior horse riding exposure. Our tutors deliver meticulous guidance commencing with basic horse management and care, advancing to preliminary riding expertise. Lessons encompass understanding how to approach, lead, and groom horses securely, culminating in developing balance and control during riding. Our patient and adept instructors foster a comforting setting, enabling beginners to enhance their self-assurance and learn in harmony with their pace. Upon completion of the program, beginners will acquire a robust comprehension of basic horse care and riding techniques, granting them the capacity to ride independently with comfort and confidence.

Advanced Training Programs

Advanced Training Programs at Equestrian Holidays in Cornwall are engineered for experienced riders aspiring to elevate their skills. Our curriculum aims at sophisticated riding skills, encapsulating jumping, dressage and cross-country riding sectors. Under the mentorship of our proficient tutors, experienced riders get the opportunity to polish their technique, augment their horse's performance and acquire new skills. Our programs incorporate collective as well as individualized lessons, including specialized training modules aimed at particular areas of interest. Affording access to a multitude of well-trained horses, experienced riders can amplify their skills and broaden their horsemanship knowledge. Whether pursuing participation in premier equestrian events or merely yearning to enhance your riding skills, our advanced training programs cater to the required support and expertise to achieve your objectives.

Dressage and Show Jumping Clinics

The Dressage and Show Jumping Clinics at Equestrian Holidays in Cornwall cater to riders desiring specialized instruction and mentorship in these particular equestrian fields. Conducted by established clinicians proficient in dressage and show jumping, our clinics offer riders valuable knowledge, techniques, and exercises to enhance their performance. In the dressage clinics, riders are tutored on precise movements necessary for dressage tests and acquire a profound understanding of the horse's motion and communication. Show jumping clinics target the development of agility, speed and precision in jumping while navigating through challenging courses. The clinics are open to riders with diverse skill sets, from beginners to pros, and provide a supportive and educational environment for developing and refining skills.


Unearth Cornwall's effervescent equestrian landscape, abundant with a plethora of events and competitions. From community horse parades to grand dressage and show jumping tournaments, there's an event to indulge every horse lover. Submerge in the thrilling and passionate atmosphere of these events, observing the prowess of talented riders and their equine partners. No matter if you are a contender or an onlooker, these events offer a golden chance to appreciate the aesthetic magnetism of equestrian sports in Cornwall.

Local Horse Shows

Step into the stimulating world of local horse shows in Cornwall. These gatherings are a testament to the community’s equestrian spirit, bringing together riders across the ages and skill spectrum in disciplines such as show jumping, dressage, and equitation. Sneak a peek into the local equestrian talent as riders demonstrate their acumen, and horses embody grace and agility. In an affable, inclusive setting, local horse shows offer a wonderful chance to connect with the equestrian crowd and admire the perseverance involved in training and competing. Whether as a participant or an observer, local horse shows contribute to a memorable equestrian holiday in Cornwall.

Dressage and Show Jumping Competitions

Dive headfirst into the esteemed realm of dressage and show jumping competitions in Cornwall. These prestigious tournaments draw in exceptional riders from across the nation, competing in intricate dressage routines and thrilling show jumping routes. Watch in awe the subtle accord between horse and rider as they carry out detailed manoeuvres and leap over formidable jumps. Regardless of your riding proficiency or spectating interest, these competitions offer an unparalleled opportunity to bear witness to the zenith of equine athleticism and skill. Don’t let the opportunity slip to revel in the sophistication and thrill of dressage and show jumping competitions during your equestrian vacation in Cornwall.

Point-to-Point Races

Engage in the electrifying atmosphere of point-to-point races in Cornwall. Here, horses and jockeys vie in thrilling cross-country races against breathtaking landscapes. These riveting races, featuring a variety of terrains - from fields through forests to hills, serve as a spectacle par excellence for spectators and racers alike. Bask in the anticipation as the horses leap over obstacles and traverse through the picturesque countryside. Point-to-point races constitute a testament to the remarkable courage and skill of both horse and rider. Regardless of whether you're a seasoned punter or an explorer seeking a hit of adrenaline, the point-to-point races in Cornwall assure an indelibly unforgettable equestrian escapade.

Horse care

The wellbeing and health of your equine companions during your horse riding adventure in Cornwall is contingent on proper horse care and efficient stable management. Ensuring your horses are content and in prime condition necessitates a clean, well-organised stable, routine feed and grooming schedules, and essential veterinary attention. Prioritising such horse care practices and efficacious stable management allows you to optimally prepare your horses for the thrilling escapades that lie ahead on Cornwall's trails.

Feeding and Grooming Tips

Proper feeding and grooming of your horses are invaluable for their general health and activity during your equine-focused vacation in Cornwall. Mindful feeding requires a balanced diet of high-quality hay or forage plus suitable quantities of grain or concentrated feed, adjusted to the size, age, and physical demands of your horse. Regular grooming to pristinely maintain the coat, mane, and tail of your horse is also paramount. Habitual brushing to eliminate dirt, spread natural oils, and stimulate circulation is key. Be sure also to frequently check and clean your horse's hooves to ensure their robustness.

Stable Maintenance and Safety

Taking proactive steps for safe and proper stable maintenance is vital for the health of your horses and in reducing accidents during your horse-riding holiday situated in Cornwall. Make a habit of ensuring the stable remains clean and dry, undertaking daily removals of wet bedding or manure to keep the surroundings sanitary. Keep a careful watch on fences, doors, and other structural elements for any necessary repairs and safety hazards. Providing ample ventilation and lighting in the stable is a necessity for horse comfort. Additionally, offering appropriate bedding promotes their comfort and attunes to injury prevention. By fostering a safe and well-managed stable environment, you are championing your horses' health and safety.

Veterinary Care and Health Checks

Regular health examinations and veterinary care form vital parts of horse care during your immersive equestrian experience in Cornwall. Keep your horses' vaccinations and deworming treatments up-to-date. Frequently arrange visits from a skilled equine veterinarian for in-depth health assessments, dental evaluations, and customary preventive care. Stay alert for any manifestations of ill-health or injury, seeking professional advice as necessary. Consider establishing ties with a local veterinarian in Cornwall for any sudden veterinary emergencies. By focusing on regular health check-ups and veterinary care, you are investing in the health, happiness and longevity of your horses for your vacation.

Other activities

While not traversing Cornwall on horseback, horse riding aficionados have a breadth of other appealing activities at their disposal. Sandy shore gallops and aquatic adventures offer a popular respite, where you can savor the incredible feeling of hooves patterning through the sand and surf along the region's stunning coastlines. This hybrid of equine adoration and coastal landscape appreciation provides an experience that’s hard to rival. Alternatively, consider exploring Cornwall via horse-drawn carriage tours, leisurely meandering through idyllic countryside while soaking up the scenic vistas and relishing the unhurried travel tempo. For enthusiasts pursuing relaxation and renewal, the yoga and horse riding retreats are a matchless choice. Savour tranquility and self-realignment amidst the pastoral serenity of the Cornish countryside, effortlessly melding physical exercise, mindfulness, and horse bonding to refresh both mind and body while honing equestrian prowess.

Beach Rides and Water-based Adventures

Equestrian devotees undertaking an equine respite in Cornwall will find beach rides thrilling, as the area is gifted with a panoramic coastline. Riding horseback along sprawling sandy beaches bestows a sensation of unrestrained joy and excitement. As you navigate the coastline atop your equine companion, you can relish the soothing sound of crashing waves, coupled with the invigorating sea-salt fragrance. For the thrill-seekers, aquatic adventures are within reach, presenting a novel occasion to experience Cornwall's arresting coastal beauty while riding astride horses through the sea, their hooves paddling the cool water beneath. This awe-inspiring activity blends the allure of horse riding with the splendor of Cornish coastal panoramas, creating a must-do experience for equine enthusiasts.

Horse-drawn Carriage Tours

Embarking on horse-drawn carriage tours is a relaxed and nostalgic approach to discovering Cornwall. This timeless adventure lets you recline and soak in the idyllic backdrop as you're wheeled through the country's spellbinding landscape. Admire the undulating topography, vibrant green meadows, and quaint hamlets whizzing past as the soft rhythm of horse hooves serves as your soothing background score. These tours provide an uncommon window into Cornwall's abundant tradition and enable you to enjoy the picturesque surroundings at an unhurried cadence. Be it an intimate pair ride or a group tour, horse-drawn carriage tours offer an immersive experience in the region's natural charm and vibrant past.

Horseback Riding and Yoga Retreats

For those seeking a comprehensive and restorative equestrian experience, incorporating yoga into horseback riding retreats in Cornwall is a paradisiacal choice. These retreats unite the rewarding aspects of horse riding and the discipline of yoga to sustain physical and mental health. Delve into Cornwall's serene countryside with immersive horseback travel across stunning trails, fostering a natural connection with the horses and surroundings, invoking harmony and tranquility. Follow up the energetic rides with rejuvenating yoga sessions, customized to bolster your flexibility, equilibrium, and mindfulness. These retreats strike an impeccable harmony between physical exertion, relaxation, and introspection, facilitating a deeper relationship with horses while nurturing the rider's mind, body, and soul.

Local culture

Diverse and rich in tradition, Cornwall is a treasure trove of local experiences, awaiting your discovery. Be it absorbing history at cobblestone paths of ruins, wandering through charming Cornish villages or savoring the local delicacies, Cornwall provides a smorgasbord of experiences to all its visitors. Engage in a journey back in time while you explore centuries-old castles, medieval ruins, and well-kept historical landmarks. Aside from history, immerse yourself in idyllic village life. Visit the timeless Cornish villages replete with picture-perfect cottages, quaint shops, and benevolent locals. Lastly, Cornwall's culinary fare will take your taste buds on a joy ride, from tangy ales and cider to succulent seafood and cream teas. Cornwall is a perfect destination for history enthusiasts, architecture aficionados, and food lovers, offering a variegated blend of culture that will captivate and charm you.

Exploring Cornwall's Historic Sites

Soaking in Cornwall's historic sites is a veritable journey through time. Traces of Cornwall's storied past dating back millennia can be seen in its captivating landmarks and ruins. Explore the mythical Tintagel Castle, awash in Arthurian lore and perched on a breathtaking cliff edge, to get a taste of the mystic yore. Descend into Cornwall's mining past at the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape, where remnants of the region's rich tin and copper mining industry continue to tell tales of bygone days. Make your way to St. Michael's Mount, an iconic island castle and medieval church offering panoramic views and a fascinating tapestry of history. An exploration of Cornwall brings alive its ancient gems, making for a deeply enriching experience.

Visiting Traditional Cornish Villages

Experience the time-honored charm of Cornwall by exploring its traditional villages. Stroll through Port Isaac's serpentine alleys, a postcard-perfect fishing hamlet famed for its charming cottages and stunning coastal vistas. Discover the vibrant creativity of the art enclave in St. Ives, home to numerous galleries suffused with artistic flair. Get lost in history while walking the stone-laid lanes of Mousehole, an old fishing village radiating irrefutable old-world allure. And a visit to Padstow, with its buzzing harbor, renowned seafood offerings, and quaint shops, is a must. All these charming Cornish villages draw from the deep wellspring of the region's rich culture, providing a heart-warming experience for all who visit.

Sampling Local Cuisine and Beverages

Tasting Cornwall's local gastronomy and drinks is a rite of passage for every visitor. Cornwall serves a cornucopia of fresh seafood options, boasting everything from delectable Cornish crab to luscious scallops. Savor the renowned Cornish pasty, a hearty pastry featuring a blend of meat and vegetables, or relax with a traditional cream tea complete with warm scones, clotted cream, and sweet strawberry jam. Complement your meals with a glass of home-brewed ale or cider, or try the acclaimed wines from Cornwall's local vineyards. A culinary journey through Cornwall is a testament to its bountiful seafood, agricultural roots, and dedication to local, quality ingredients.


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