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Alternative Wedding Venues in Cornwall

In Cornwall, the options for diverse and extraordinary wedding venues are truly remarkable. Engaged couples searching for a one-of-a-kind setting for their big day will find everything from serene beach locations to scenic gardens, majestic castles to rustic barns, and even exclusive places such as the Eden Project and Minack Theatre.

Regardless of whether the couple has a penchant for nature, eagerness for history, or simply desires to stray from the conventional path of wedding venues, Cornwall brims with a choice of distinctive settings that will ensure the wedding day is indeed momentous.

Beach Venues

Offering distinctive and eye-catching settings for marital celebrations in Cornwall, beach venues are just spectacular. With breathtaking coastal scenes as a backdrop, couples can exchange meaningful vows, complemented by the soothing rhythm of wave after wave, and awe-inspiring viewpoints. These venues exude a romantic yet laid back ambiance that is just perfect for beach-side weddings. These accommodating locations can host both small, intimate functions and bigger, jubilant parties. With an array of options from sandy beaches to rocky clifftops, couples have a variety of choices when it comes to selecting the perfect coastal venue to mark their extraordinary day.

St. Ives Bay

St. Ives Bay is a favored pick among betrothed couples planning for a beach wedding in the heart of Cornwall. This picturesque spot features an expansive sandy landscape as the ideal backdrop for the exchange of matrimonial vows. The bay is renowned for its pristine waters and breath-taking sunsets, creating a deeply romantic ambience. Beachside venues in St. Ives Bay are quite diverse in their offerings, some are cozy beach huts while others are large spaces offering sweeping views. The couple and their guests can fully appreciate the natural majesty of the bay whilst celebrating love and companionship.

Porthcawl Beach

For couples in search of a distinct alternative nuptial location in Cornwall, Porthcawl Beach is a captivating option. Nestled along the Southern coast of Wales, this beach boasts a combination of sandy expanses and robust cliffs, giving a plethora of stunning backdrops for wedding ceremonies. Known for its tremendous landscapes featuring high-energy waves and eye-catching coastal vistas, Porthcawl Beach is nothing short of idyllic. A range of venues are scattered throughout the area, from beachfront hotels to quaint coastal cottages. With its distinctive vibe and striking natural surroundings, Porthcawl Beach provides an idyllic setting for couples envisioning a beachfront wedding in Cornwall.

Garden Venues

In Cornwall, where alternative nuptial settings are abundant, the garden venues stand out as particularly enchanting choices for those desiring a distinctively unique wedding. Cornwall's captivating assortment of garden venues delivers not just verdant open spaces, but also illuminates with colourful blossoms, awe-inspiring sculptures, and serene water bodies. Garden venues in Cornwall can accommodate anything from an intimate garden ceremony to a grand outdoor celebration, offering an alluring ambiance that'll no doubt enhance the charm of your exceptional day.

Lost Gardens of Heligan

Nestled exquisitely within Cornwall's magnificent landscapes is the enthralling venue, Lost Gardens of Heligan. Over 200 acres of historic gardens form this compelling location that has the potential to turn any wedding into a page from a fairytale. Restored gardens, idyllic trails, and secret niches characterize this mesmerizing venue. Offering numerous choices like the celebrated Italian Garden, the exotic Jungle, and the tranquil Sundial Garden for ceremonies and receptions, Lost Gardens of Heligan's majestic beauty and deep-rooted history transform it into a perfect choice for those wishing for a distinctive, unforgettable Cornish wedding.

Trebah Garden

Renowned as a horticultural wonder, Trebah Garden serves as an exquisite wedding venue right in the heart of Cornwall. Nestled alongside the Helford River, this tropical garden celebrated for its outlandish plants and riotous blooms providing a view of a panoramic beachfront., offering an environment of pure enchantment for the couples to pledge their love. The garden has several scenic outdoor spaces such as the quaint Camellia and romantic Amphitheatre Gardens for receptions. If a union bathed in natural allure and coastal charm is what you desire, Trebah Garden is the Cornish location you've been dreaming of.

Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

For an artistic twist on the traditional garden venue, look no further than Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens in Cornwall. A progressive garden blending nature's magnificence with awe-inspiring pieces of art, it provides an extraordinary backdrop to wedding ceremonies. Whether you're mesmerized by its compelling artwork or captivated by its natural beauty, this venue delivers an unforgettable setting. Offering terraced gardens and expansive lawns for receptions, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens serve as a versatile choice catering to both small and large nuptial celebrations. It forms a harmonious blend of nature and art, making it an unparalleled choice for couples seeking to etch a unique memory.

Castle Venues

Selecting a castle as your wedding destination introduces an element of elegance and romance to your important day. Cornwall presents an assortment of outstanding castle venues offering a distinctive setting for your wedding ceremony. Each venue is rich in history and sets a charming ambience for your vows and the subsequent celebration. Ranging from medieval strongholds to castles located near the shoreline, Cornwall has a multitude of options to cater to various tastes. Whether your dream is a storybook wedding in a splendid castle or a more personal and quaint event in a less grand fortress, Cornwall's castle venues bring a variety of alternatives, promising a truly unforgettable matrimonial experience.

Pendennis Castle

Pendennis Castle, set on the coastline of Falmouth, Cornwall, serves as an exceptional venue for castle weddings. This age-old fortress, with its roots in the 16th century, offers an unparalleled setting for couples aspiring to have a castle wedding. Its captivating panoramic vistas of the sea, along with the surrounding panorama, form a stunning background for the ceremonial rituals and photos. The internal and external spaces within Pendennis Castle have the capacity to host both large and intimate gatherings. The historic richness, coupled with awe-inspiring architecture, render Pendennis Castle a truly enchanting venue for couples desiring a memorable wedding.

St. Mawes Castle

Located on the East bank of the Fal Estuary, St. Mawes Castle serves as a picturesque wedding venue in Cornwall. Constructed in the 16th century, this coastal fortress provides a romantic and private location for couples to pledge their union. The mesmerizing architectural design of the castle, crowned with battlements and panoramic views of the sea, make for an alluring backdrop for wedding ceremonies. St. Mawes Castle features both indoor and outdoor areas, enabling couples to customize their wedding according to their personal style. Rich in historical importance and having a charming aura, St. Mawes Castle has become a popular choice for couples envisioning a castle wedding along the coast.

Caerhays Castle

Set within a scenic estate and with a prime vantage point overlooking Porthluney Beach, Caerhays Castle offers an irresistibly charming wedding venue in Cornwall. This shoreline castle, a masterpiece of the 19th century, represents a fusion of Gothic and Tudor architectures, making it a dramatic backdrop for wedding scenes. The castle's appealing gardens and picturesque surroundings provide countless photo ops and settings for outside ceremonies. Caerhays Castle's indoor spaces are equally striking, offering elegantly furnished rooms capable of hosting both small and larger gatherings. Boasting a breathtaking coastal setting and timeless allure, Caerhays Castle guarantees a magical venue for couples to exchange their vows.

Historic Venues

For those who love antiquity and allure, Cornwall offers a variety of unconventional wedding venues steeped in rich history. Ranging from distinguished centuries-old estates to exquisite manors, these venues serve as a distinctive backdrop for couples desiring a touch of magnificence in their nuptials. Enveloped by breathtaking architecture and picturesque landscapes, the historic venues in Cornwall set the stage for unforgettable matrimonial ceremonies and feasts. These venues usually feature meticulously manicured gardens or grounds that allow couples to incorporate alfresco elements in their festivity. From chic ballrooms to stately halls, these historical sites can host both modest and grand festivities, crafting a memorable wedding journey.

Lanhydrock House

Situated neat Bodmin in Cornwall, Lanhydrock House is an outstanding heritage site promising an exceptionally memorable wedding setting. This glorious 17th-century country house offers an impeccable fusion of sophistication and history. Brides and Grooms can pledge their lifelong commitment in the magnificent Great Hall, graced by detailed timber sculptures and a grand fireplace. The charming gardens encircling the house enhance the romantic ambience, serving as the perfect canvas for wedding photography. Lanhydrock House presents an array of matrimonial packages customized to align with individual desires, ensuring couples can design their dream wedding in this remarkable historic setting.

Trerice Manor

Nestled in the serene beauty of the Cornish countryside, Trerice Manor is an enchanting historic venue radiating rustic elegance and abundant heritage. This Elizabethan manor house, tracing its roots back to the 16th century, showcases elegant architecture and is adorned with splendid period furniture. Trerice Manor forms a bewitching backdrop for both intimate and large-scale weddings. The scenic gardens and grounds offer ample scope for open-air ceremonies and celebratory drinks, constructing a wonderful setting. Imbued with historical charm and a desirable location, Trerice Manor provides couples a unique and unforgettable marital journey.

Barn Venues

For betrothed pairs seeking an ambiance of rustic charm, the barn venues scatterred throughout Cornwall are truly a match made in heaven. Their characteristic exposed beams, stone walls coupled with stunning landscape views, endow these venues with an idiosyncratic ambience perfect for an unforgettable nuptial ceremony. Breathing an air of warmth and congeniality, these barn venues ensure a sense of closeness for all attendees. A variety of barn venues in Cornwall further boast accommodation amenities right on the premises—an added convenience for both the to-be-weds and their guests. No matter the scope of your wedding, be it an intimate gathering or an extensive celebration, Cornwall's barn venues are as accommodating as they are distinct, making for an extraordinary wedding-day venue.

Nancarrow Farm

Ensconced in the breathtaking rural area of Cornwall, Nancarrow Farm is an excellent option for couples yearning for a unique matrimonial destination. This operational organic farm has a picturesque barn ideally set for hosting both indoor and outdoor festivities. The barn's old-world appeal is amplified by its original accents such as exposed beams and stone walls which serve as a charming background for your significant day. Nancarrow Farm also takes pride in its beautiful gardens and open fields—prime spots for captivating wedding pictures. Committed to sustainable farming and locally sourced produce, Nancarrow Farm promises an exceptional, eco-conscious wedding event right in the beautiful confines of Cornwall.

The Green Cornwall

Set against the idyllic pastoral landscape of Cornwall, The Green Cornwall is a truly captivating barn venue with 20 acres of striking grounds at its disposal. This venue gives you the luxury of choosing between indoor and outdoor spaces for your ceremony and reception. The barn, with its exposed wooden beams and stone walls, injects a dose of rustic allure to any celebration, elevating it to a more intimate, memorable affair. With an expert team committed to tailoring their service to your wedding details, The Green Cornwall ensures that everything about your wedding is meticulously orchestrated. The venue also features comfortable on-site lodgings, including cottages and a farmhouse. These accommodations are designed for you and your guest's convenience, providing a mix of lavish comfort and distinctive style. The breathtaking vistas and serene environment make The Green Cornwall an idyllic setting for an extraordinary, unforgettable wedding event.

Unique Venues

If you seek an unconventional experience for your matrimonial ceremony, Cornwall offers a collection of distinctive venues that will undoubtedly pique your interest. These extraordinary locales offer more than simple beauty—they also provide character, charm, and a notable diversion from traditional ceremony sites. From the globally inspired biomes of the Eden Project, the dramatic sea-swept cliffs of the Minack Theatre, to the intriguing subterranean setting of Carnglaze Caverns—each location promises to contribute a memorable backdrop to your wedding festivities. Delve into the selection of these alternative venues that promise to impress your guests and create a stirring celebration on your special day.

Eden Project

A wedding set within Cornwall's globally renowned Eden Project equates to an experience beyond the ordinary. This one-of-a-kind venue, renowned for its expansive plant-filled biomes, offers a wealth of stunning vistas perfect for matrimonial union and celebration. The verdant diversity within each biome cultivates a tropical atmosphere that is evocative and immersive. Whether couples choose to stage their nuptials within the botanical bliss of a biome or to bask in the charming surrounds of the garden, Eden Project's blend of stunning architecture and natural splendour promises a truly unforgettable celebration for those craving an adventurous and innovative wedding experience.

Minack Theatre

Nestled within the rugged coastal cliffs of southern Cornwall, stands the Minack Theatre—an exceptional wedding venue for those longing for an experience unlike any other. Boasting panoramic sea views combined with an imposing vista of the jagged cliffs, this outdoor theatre offers couples a chance to host a truly alfresco wedding ceremony. It delivers a unique atmosphere where vows can be exchanged amidst nature's grandeur, complemented by the melodious chorus of lapping waves. Offering a fusion of mesmerizing location and theatrical charm, Minack Theatre claims an unforgettable spot for couples desiring a wedding that is both unique and memorable.

Carnglaze Caverns

For those envisioning an unconventional matrimonial ceremony steeped in mystery and enchantment, the Carnglaze Caverns of Cornwall offer an ideal setting. Situated within an erstwhile slate mine, this underground venue provides a truly magical space for wedding vows. The caverns, cloaked in intriguing rock formations and bathed in subtle lighting, craft an intimate and unique ambiance. This subterranean experience is enhanced by an atmosphere veiled in wonderment and intrigue. Offering a peculiar charm and an ethereal aura, Carnglaze Caverns presents an extraordinary option for those seeking to create a wedding experience that is unfathomable and unforgettable.

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